Buildbot should have better tests, and better coverage. Test coverage is here.

Current coverage:

Open defects

Property('buildnumber') returns None on first build
buildbot.test.unit.test_scripts_start.TestStart.test_start is flaky
buildbot.test.integration.test_slave_comm.TestSlaveComm.test_duplicate_slave is flaky
buildbot.test.integration.test_try_client.Schedulers.test_userpass_wait is flaky

Open tasks/enhancements

Convert all buildbot classes to new style, i.e. inherit from object.
aggregate coverage from all metabuildbot builders
test real RemoteCommands and FakeRemoteCommands with the same tests
Optimize test runs: test db and fake master
Add tests for web change_hooks.
Allow MailNotifier's messageFormatter to be asynchronous
#2315 tests change singal handling but don't restore state afterwards.

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