Open defects

MailNotifier use the user-db by default, but that doesn't properly get populated.
GerritStatusPush: missing retrying mechanism for status updates
consider users.srcs for email address lookup in MailNotifier
MailNotifier exception in _defaultMessageIntro() if build result is RETRY

Open tasks/enhancements

Use jinja for MailNotifier emails
MailNotifier: use mime types for log file attachments?
I want buildbot to repeatedly notify the person responsible for the build break that the build is still broken, so that they know when it is fixed.
MailNotifier configurability
Send an email notification to the person who forces/rebuilds a build
Better support for filtering mail notification messages?
eight: category/tag filtering on MailNotifier not functioning as expected
MailNotifier handles build result RETRY inconsistently
Notification for backed up builder
Allow MailNotifier's messageFormatter to be asynchronous
Send Success Email Only for Forced Buils
external sendmail command for mail notifier
Commiter blamed for git checkout failure
Add support for email threads

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