Open defects

Git builder silently drops back to HEAD (master) if a branch isn't found
GitPoller Not Triggering Builds on New Branches
KeyError in on commits by non-Github users
'Git' command fails to clobber local repository when repository has a corrupt index file
buildbot 0.9b1 tries to build deleted branch?
Changes should have multiple users
Git(mode="copy", ..) doesn't work with multiple codebases
Gitpoller with branches=True doesn't add changes for new branch
Fix call to subprocess.Popen in
The repository is parsed differently in the push and in the pull request events of the github hook
Gitlab hook is receiving commits in the wrong order

Open tasks/enhancements

Add parent-rev to change and use this in console
better handling for tags in changesources
Git: add support for setting additional information via Git notes
deprecate 'default branch'
github hook should optionally ignore distinct=false
Git source step should support full (all-refs) fetches
GitPoller fails on branch not existing, but doesnt poll the other branches
Git: fetch all branches before switching to the given revision, if branch=None
git: default to whatever the remote repository thinks is the "main" branch
move github_buildbot out of contrib
Buildbot - Traceback while polling for changes issue
Port Gltlab status plugin for nine
Do something on branch-deletion
improvements and docs to 'buildbot try' with DVCS
Make GitHub hook listen to other kind of events as well
Support Buildbot for testing pull requests

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