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Ticket Summary Keywords Status Owner Type Priority
#149 addLogObserver and progressMetrics assigned enhancement minor
#296 should have a way of running builds after X seconds of idle new enhancement major
#301 Allow a single buildslave to service multiple buildmasters assigned sridhar enhancement major
#356 doxygen build step assigned ashcrow enhancement patches-accepted
#482 LDAP authentication of build requests accepted jollyroger enhancement patches-accepted
#521 authenticated slave-master connections new enhancement major
#536 Show total tests run in summary page new enhancement major
#593 Flexible default logging. new defect major
#702 Make a Buildbot screencast new task major
#801 getLastFinishedBuild() fails with simultaneous builds new maruel defect critical
#1004 comprehensive handling of build artifacts new enhancement minor
#1034 REQ: Fossil support new enhancement patches-accepted
#1688 there should be some way to retry builds that fail in setupBuild without submitting new Changes. assigned enhancement major
#1699 Add support for wild-card matching for logfiles parameter in build steps new enhancement minor
#1705 Provide a better way of working with resources utilized by builds new enhancement major
#1788 MQ options new project-idea major
#1830 Add a warning for logfiles if the log file does not exist or is not found new enhancement major
#1845 MailNotifier: Add ability to send an All-Passed email when all builders succeed . new enhancement minor
#1868 Support for Dummy slaves and/or Builders that don't require slaves new enhancement minor
#1894 phase out use of the BuildRequest class new enhancement major
#1919 Display revision in waterfall build box new enhancement minor
#1929 refactor BotMaster.cleanShutdown new task minor
#1965 Improve subunit support. new enhancement minor
#2019 graceful shutdown and triggered builds don't play as expected (0.8.4p1) reopened defect major
#2044 Make buildbot high-scores board assigned project-idea major
#2056 builders sometimes stay in an idle, plus 1 state new defect major
#2173 Add mail option "failure or change" new enhancement minor
#2219 Support reconfig-by-restart new config enhancement major
#2309 When 'nextBuild' picks something other than the oldest build, build request merging results in incorrect revision number being used for the build new defect major
#2327 add timeout property to MasterShellCommand new enhancement major
#2349 Show alert text on web pages that the config has been modified since last reload new enhancement minor
#2359 Support extracting steps from annotated logs new enhancement minor
#2391 ShellCommand(description=...) doesn't take effect until command starts new enhancement minor
#2402 Changes lost during migration from 0.7.12 to 0.8.7 new defect major
#2405 buildmaster 0.8.7p1 does not start from a buildout new defect minor
#2408 importing buildbot shouldn't run git new defect minor
#2420 buildbot web status loses links to triggered builds when master is restarted new defect minor
#2426 Nightly scheduler ifOnlyChanged=false and there are no changes since last build, changelist is empty new enhancement minor
#2428 Build.startBuild can raise exceptions new defect major
#2437 New Master-Slave Protocol assigned enhancement major
#2438 Windows Process Management new project-idea major
#2451 multiple events_ already exist new defect major
#2455 buildbot silently reuses existing run #s new defect major
#2456 buildmaster is stalling every about two days new defect major
#2458 Allow specifying *Horizon global settings in date delta and also allow setting horizons per builder new enhancement minor
#2461 Add support for providing and graphing data charts of build statistics over time. new enhancement major
#2480 Thundering herd of pollers overwhelms ssh server, causing nearly silent GitPoller failure new enhancement minor
#2482 add timestamping to log streams new enhancement major
#2489 Events getting repeatedly pushed via httpstatus new defect major
#2490 scheduler that remembers last-seen revisions for each codebase new enhancement major
#2496 Be robust against empty pid files new enhancement minor
#2497 Function which returns the name of the last successful build of a given builder new enhancement major
#2505 Build Step Locked Even Though It's To Be Skipped new defect minor
#2507 buildbot master reconfigure does not pick up builder slave changes new defect major
#2512 waterfall re-using build IDs, causes strange behavior in logs from individual steps new defect major
#2526 Un-started build steps with properties in descriptions fail new defect major
#2527 Bug in class _ComputeRepositoryURL new defect major
#2528 ComparableMixin's __hash__ fails when a comparable attribute is unicode new defect major
#2537 nextSlave is given a list of slavebuilders, not slaves new defect minor
#2539 setting branch to a property in a Git step causes a TypeError new defect major
#2545 dynamic buildsteps/buildstep detection new enhancement major
#2556 Master-Side SVN step applying "extra_args" to svn info new defect major
#2557 regression: changes with long comments break the p4 poller against mysql new defect major
#2562 Interpolate got_revision property doesn't work when using multiple codebases new defect major
#2578 enhancement: email on certain types of configuration errors new enhancement minor
#2584 Invalid directory stack for suppression files new enhancement patches-accepted
#2640 [nine] Flexible Build Queries new enhancement major
#2646 [nine] Asynchronous Steps assigned task blocker
#2648 [tracker] Rewrite Status Listeners new task blocker
#2649 i18n -- Internationalization new project-idea major
#2652 [nine] Coordinate Messages and Data new task major
#2678 Support optional import of build data from 0.8.x new enhancement major
#2680 sourcestamp merging with no changes uses revision of oldest instead of newest new defect major
#2701 problems removing running builders new defect major
#2703 handle step interruption properly new task major
#2706 Handling test results new enhancement minor
#2731 [nine] Force build in new UI is not working in chrome new defect minor
#2741 Get Buildbot T-Shirts new task minor
#2752 factory workdir is not renderable new defect major
#2800 build is not triggered for new branches on gitlab new enhancement minor
#2803 two "IMPORTANT" lines on registration page reopened verm defect minor
#2813 Forced build never completes new defect major
#2820 SSL is the future! new enhancement major
#2829 requesting "/builders/_all" in buildbot web frontend returns Python traceback new defect major
#2832 failures_only stopped working in 0.8.9 new defect major
#2849 Shell accounts for developers new verm task minor
#2854 Host FreeBSD slaves on our infra new task major
#2858 Host our own Q&A site new task minor
#2859 Configure backups new task major
#2860 Add forward-compatibility with Python 3.3+ assigned jvlomax enhancement major
#2865 Close sourceforge account assigned task major
#2866 Negative time value for step pending in Waterfall new defect minor
#2867 waterfall: no infinite scrolling if initial window is less than a screen new defect minor
#2869 Buildbot process does not end when stopped while instantiating an OpenStackBuildslave new defect major
#2873 Empty sourcestampset: db schema enforces set to exist but cannot enforce a non empty set new defect major
#2875 support retryOnFailure new enhancement minor
#2891 Exception when using Interpolate in description new defect major
#2894 Somehow file attaching to trac might fail depending on the language setting new defect major
#2906 Check the situation w/ HTML logs new enhancement patches-accepted
#2931 buildmaster doesn't resume when slave unpauses new defect major
#2942 Implement "slugs" for builders new enhancement major
#2983 How to acces time/date value when slave build starts running new support-request major
#2987 Ability to pause a builder new enhancement patches-accepted
#2991 Confusing error message when the database is missing or empty new task patches-accepted
#3003 Document the Buildbot network new task minor
#3007 use for data api specification new task major
#3016 Add integration test cases for master/buildbot/buildslave/* assigned Ben task major
#3018 Slaves appear to be building when doing nothing new defect major
#3022 Provide a MatrixBuilderFactory new enhancement minor
#3031 gitlab change_status webhook doesn't properly detect changes new defect major
#3032 change webhooks should allow for extra buildbot properties to be set new enhancement major
#3051 master refuses to schedule new builds, doesn't really stop nor start new defect major
#3056 Things to do/consider for switching from Travis to meta-buildbot new enhancement major
#3063 'pyflakes' step is parsing the headers (blue part) new defect patches-accepted
#3065 Enable the XML-RPC Trac plugin new enhancement minor
#3070 buildbot try hangs under Windows new support-request minor
#3084 convert all services to BuildbotService new enhancement major
#3113 ML configuration should somehow be cleaned up new support-request major
#3120 Add capabilities to slaves new enhancement minor
#3124 schedulers should be able to specify a default project new enhancement minor
#3126 Master config should be named "" by default new enhancement minor
#3137 consider using `qjail` to manage jails new task major
#3147 [AngularJS project] Use angular dashboard framework for nine homepage new project-idea major
#3155 document a way to "force" an ansible run new sa2ajj task minor
#3157 check localhost-only things new sa2ajj task minor
#3159 MultiTriggerStep new task major
#3164 replace daily system reports with tripwire new task minor
#3186 Rewrite status_push to use Data API new task major
#3187 add a 'slug' to masters so they can be referred to by name new enhancement minor
#3188 add a 'slug' to change sources so they can be referred to by name new enhancement minor
#3189 add a 'slug' to schedulers so they can be referred to by name new enhancement minor
#3192 log switch/router messages to syslog new verm task minor
#3198 Process environment is not always correctly passed to the children processes new defect patches-accepted
#3204 rewrite StashStatusPush to use Data API new task major
#3216 extraRecipients in MailNotifier should support renderable new enhancement patches-accepted
#3220 sqlalchemy.exc.IntegrityError: (IntegrityError) on pushes to github when moving from launchpad new defect major
#3242 after a while, buildbot UI is using 100% CPU new undecided major
#3243 Trac hook @ GitHub shows an error new support-request major
#3244 Add slack status target new enhancement patches-accepted
#3247 Timeout on slave can happen too fast new support-request major
#3248 BuildStep should properly interrupt steps assigned jaredgrubb defect major
#3253 If environment has not-ascii character, shell command failed on buildslave new defect major
#3254 gitlab merge request webhook should trigger a try build new enhancement major
#3257 Missing import in new defect major
#3258 0.8.x: Returning SKIPPED from new-style step results in finish being invoked twice new undecided major
#3259 Can’t start buildbot under SmartOS (Solaris derivative) new support-request major
#3260 gitlab webhook ignored if Git step uses https scheme new defect minor
#3262 Missing dependencies for buildbot.manhole are reported poorly new defect major
#3268 Git retry is inconsistent & has failure modes new undecided major
#3269 Git step interruption/timeout leaves stale lockfiles around new defect major
#3275 nextSlave should be able to choose slave according to "build request" new enhancement major
#3277 Builds that contain commands with SlaveLocks fail with exceptions due to inability to coerce SlaveLock to renderable new undecided major
#3278 Enhance Slave Status new enhancement major
#3282 use supybot better new enhancement major
#3284 When requesting builds from Data API, build's properties should be returned for each new enhancement major
#3287 Set up automated testing of buildslave on Python 3 accepted sa2ajj enhancement major
#3288 trace logfiles relative to master new enhancement major
#3289 only grab logfiles on failure new undecided major
#3292 GitPoller can't get changed files on merge commit new undecided major
#3293 The links at the top should be disabled for "top-level" views new defect major
#3294 documentation for LdapUserInfo is outdated new defect major
#3295 sidebar shouldn't scroll-out new enhancement major
#3296 BuildbotURL warning can be incorrect. Should be configurable new enhancement minor
#3298 pause slave button is missing new defect major
#3305 Switch to ReCAPTCHA v2 new enhancement major
#3306 Automate mirroring of PyPI packages new enhancement major
#3310 can't load CommandlineUserManager via plugins interface new defect major
#3315 UI: sidebar pinned state resets on load new enhancement major
#3316 rework mq configuration to be BuildbotService compatible new enhancement major
#3317 Build Properties are not filled until page reload new defect major
#3320 Get the build for a given commit / revision from the web interface new enhancement minor
#3321 make compare_attrs type consistent assigned ewong undecided minor
#3323 Add "delay" information to builders new enhancement major
#3328 Trac gets slow after modifying bugs new defect major
#3331 test_updateSummary_running_empty_dict test failure new defect major
#3333 [patch] 'buildbot try' should output URL of failed builds new enhancement patches-accepted
#3336 *LatentBuildSlave doesn't get properly reconfigured assigned tardyp undecided major
#3338 Apply slave environment to all remote commands new enhancement major
#3345 SVN checkout step doesn't seem to clobber / cleanup locked repositories anymore reopened defect major
#3346 web change_hook::base NOT accept unicode parameters assigned sa2ajj defect major
#3347 [master start problem] ImportError: cannot import name exceptions new support-request major
#3348 MailNotifier Unable to find any of email new undecided major
#3351 ChoiceStringParameter does not call its getChoices function new defect minor
#3352 Get some kind of swag store assigned task major
#3354 Installing Buildbot in Windows and configuring with Tortoise SVN reopened support-request major
#3360 "Never saw reconfiguration finish." due to log rotation new defect minor
#3365 Provide way to view/cancel the queued, but not yet started, builds new undecided major
#3367 TimedScheduler ignoring repository and project. new defect major
#3368 Send a daily "housekeeping" email to devel@ if there are things to do new task major
#3374 Whitelist config keys exposed in the config endpoint new defect critical
#3378 tests fail with mock-1.3.0 new defect patches-accepted
#3381 Links in supybot meeting lists are not generated correctly new defect minor
#3383 Fix the UI auto update regressions after gsoc assigned tardyp enhancement major
#3389 BuildLineMixin incorrectly sets 'rev' if branch is set new defect major
#3401 Reference to deleted BuildStepStatus new defect major
#3402 Default MailNotifier object missing fromaddr new defect major
#3412 Documentation Presenting False Secruity when setting up hooks and way hooks implemented seam wrong new defect critical
#3414 REST API filtering doesn't work for expanded lists new enhancement major
#3417 More than one (ghost) buildrequest if using multiple source steps new undecided major
#3430 Builder names > 20 chars cause an error during rest queries new defect major
#3436 documentation inaccurately claims that SSL is not supported by 'www' config new undecided minor
#3439 Conflict between GoogleAuth (OAuth) and user info new defect major
#3442 document usage of IPlugin subclasses assigned sa2ajj undecided major
#3443 build.complete always false in coffeescript new defect major
#3444 Show jobs queued for each worker new enhancement major
#3448 buildbot nine - waitForFinish isn't working in the Triggerable Scheduler new defect major
#3449 0.9.0b6 released with incorrect version inside new undecided major
#3451 tests running with MySQL backend produces suspicious warnings new undecided major
#3452 [AngularJS Project] Add E2E tests new project-idea major
#3453 [AngularJS Project] Improve AngularJS unit testing framework new project-idea major
#3456 NMI's on bhyve VM new verm defect critical
#3458 setup IRC bot that would repost questions from StackOverflow into Buildbot IRC channel new koobs task major
#3459 publish built on Travis docs for each pull request new task major
#3463 Result of "Force"-ing build that is scheduled to run on (yet) disconnected worker is misleading new undecided major
#3464 [UI] html is not escaped in ShellCommand stdio new undecided major
#3465 buildbot.steps.worker.CompositeStepMixin is not documented new undecided major
#3466 nextSlave idiosyncrasies new undecided major
#3470 verify that all entry points of Buildbot are at least importable new undecided major
#3471 WebStatus no longer interprets ANSI color codes in stdio output. new defect minor
#3474 Add Pull Request template on GitHub new undecided major
#3479 builder slave list is not updated on reconfig new defect critical
#3481 Following doc for WebStatus in 0.8.12 leads to configuration that won't load... incomplete port of plugins from master? new defect major
#3482 remove master logic from slave/buildslave/scripts/ or unify implementation in master and worker new undecided major
#3490 re-enable foreign keys for sqlite new enhancement major
#3491 A rebuild on a latenworker does not have build properties passed to it new defect major
#3494 www/change_hook base broken because of isdir dependency new defect major
#3495 run linter on RestructuredText new undecided major
#3499 buildbot upgrade-master does not display errors new yetanotherion defect major
#3501 Buildbot master uses surprising amount of memory new undecided minor
#3502 Git poller get wrong change list after merge new undecided major
#3503 Stats Backend: statsd new enhancement minor
#3505 Cases of Interpolate failing to render properly in cases of replacements (-, ~) new undecided major
#3506 DirectoryUpload hangs if lacks permissions new undecided minor
#3508 GitlabGit step for cloning forks new enhancement minor
#3509 make ssid and bsid use canonical name instead of abbreviated new enhancement major
#3513 Provide helpers for doStepIf on properties new enhancement minor
#3516 Windows newlines in build logs are interpreted as two consecutive newlines new defect major
#3521 InheritBuildParameter and WorkerChoiceParameter API are using status api new undecided major
#3522 Gerrit Reporter summaryCB does not accept deferreds new defect minor
#3526 Configure warning and errorpatterns on all steps new undecided major
#3528 EC2LatentWorker with build_wait_timeout=0 causes builds to hang new undecided critical
#3529 Add warning in trigger step if collapseBuild=True for the target builder new enhancement major
#3535 raml unittest fails on clean install new defect major
#3536 datamodule should by default order by id new enhancement major
#3537 console_view is slow when the db is very big new enhancement critical
#3539 GitLab hook issues new defect major
#3540 Sample Dockerfiles for master/worker need to be updated new undecided major
#3541 wrong or misleading documentation about flunkOnFailure new defect major
#3543 error starting buildbot master new defect major
#3544 replace setuptools' "scripts" with setuptools' entry_points "console_scripts" new undecided major
#3546 MasterShellCommand ends up in exception new defect major
#3548 downloading raw logs lead to page reload in Firefox reopened defect minor
#3550 Feature: Implement renderables on locks property new enhancement minor
#3552 Builds UI view makes many API calls which causes slowdowns on complex builds new defect major
#3554 should old-style step users rewrite their calls to addLog* addStd* when upgrading to buildbot9 new support-request major
#3556 Failed FileUpload step doesn't show error (file not found) new undecided major
#3557 add option to join stdout and stderr for ShellCommand new enhancement major
#3558 Build stays in 'starting' state until it completes new defect minor
#3560 implement plugin for serving static files (equivalent of 0.8 `public_html`) new undecided major
#3561 provide sample Apache conf (websockets) new gracinet task minor
#3565 sqlite does not work well with threads new undecided major
#3566 fix compatibility fix flake8 2.6.0 new undecided major
#3572 Restore logHorizon and buildHorizon functionality new enhancement major
#3575 Try builds fail if patch includes a change to .gitmodules new defect major
#3578 gracefully handle situation when new buildbot-worker tries to connect to old buildmaster new undecided major
#3581 LatentBuildWorker stop while starting race condition new defect major
#3583 Worker should properly finish their current build when disconfigured assigned tardyp enhancement major
#3589 builder page does not show at least one build per builder new enhancement major
#3592 remove reference to tardyp/buildbot-worker assigned tardyp task major
#3596 Multiple services of same type not working properly new defect major
#3598 Implement pipeline for integration with GitHub (or other provider) that will allow to safely run BB tests for PR new enhancement major
#3599 improve multimaster documentation new task major
#3600 Error while handling API request new defect minor
#3601 hyperlatentworker does not survive if there is connection reset new defect major
#3602 hyperworker should react appropriately in case of no more quota new defect major
#3603 hyperlatent should cleanup previous containers in case of master crash new defect major
#3604 exceptions.AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'notifyOnDisconnect' new defect major
#3606 path_module is accessed even if latent worker did not connect new undecided major
#3607 /raw log download endpoint uses a huge amount of memory new defect major
#3608 Running with --nodaemon and PID files new defect minor
#3609 Sort tags in natural order new enhancement minor
#3610 Buildbot does not realize latent worker has disconnected new undecided critical
#3611 buildbot.bat in Scripts-Directory is missing on windows new defect major
#3613 hideStepIf and the waterfall new undecided minor
#3615 Unicode error in writeSequence in 0.8.14 new undecided major
#3617 dataModule: do not call callbacks if close() was called new undecided major
#3618 Force build button present even if no builder is selected new defect minor
#3619 font files should not be marked as executable new defect minor
#3620 GitPoller throws exceptions constantly after some hours of running new defect major
#3621 Intermittent issues launching Docker latent workers as of 0.9.0b2 new defect major
#3623 moving trac tickets to GitHub assigned sa2ajj task major
#3625 [Nine] HttpPushStatus fails on CheckConfig assigned tardyp undecided major
#3626 dictionary size changed error new undecided major
#3627 GIT supportsSubmoduleCheckout prevents to update submodule new defect blocker
#3628 Transferring Files with LocalWorker seems not working new undecided major
#3629 worker are not reconfigured when there is only change in builder assignment new defect major
#3637 Buildbot config should check for proper base class of builders etc new defect major
#3638 Create a Build list for a Worker Page new enhancement major
#3639 Crash when querying last finished build new defect major
#3641 Rebuilding a triggered build keep link to (previous) triggered build new defect major
#3642 HttpStatusPush broken in 0.9.1 new undecided minor
#3643 It seems that HttpStatusPush (silently) switched from application/x-www-form-urlencoded to application/json new undecided critical
#3644 Does not collaps build requests new defect major
#3645 consider using devpi-server in BB infrastructure new task patches-accepted
#3646 wth 1382003: unreachable code? new defect major
#3652 GitPoller fails to detect changes new defect major
#3653 Force build dialog does not indicate progress new enhancement major
#3654 Terrible performance of builders page reopened defect major
#3655 Trac error trying to create attachment: IndexError: pop from empty list new support-request major
#3656 duplicate worker use case is broken new defect critical
#3657 create single-file distribution of buildbot-worker new rutsky enhancement major
#3659 Can't rename page new defect major
#3660 Inconsistency in foreign key when inserting entry in scheduler_changes table new defect major
#3666 [warnings] _mysql_exceptions.Warning: Invalid utf8 character string: 'B30572' new task major
#3668 StopGerritRelatedBuilds & CancelGerritRelatedBuilds don't kick in on an abandoned change new defect major
#3669 Setting timeout=None to the CopyDirectory step has no effect. new defect major
#3670 cygwin slave hangs burning CPU after running git, doesn't notice git has finished new defect major

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