The Buildbot project, as a member of the Software Freedom Conservancy, is seeking donations to support ongoing development and maintenance of the project.


Buildbot is an organization of volunteers, and as such we are constrained by the time and skill of those volunteers.

Sponsorship allows us to:

  • support full- or part-time development of the Buildbot framework, focused on tasks of the organization's choosing
  • assist with travel and related expenses for core team members to attend conferences such as PyCon
  • meet ongoing project expenses such as domain registration

The benefits to you or your organization for sponsoring Buildbot include:

  • Contributing to, and enjoying the benefits of, an important and exciting open-source project
  • Enhanced consciousness of your company throughout Buildbot's diverse userbase
  • Tax deductibility (in the US, to the extent permitted by law)
  • (donations of $1000 or more) Public recognition (logo and thanks) on the Buildbot homepages ( and for a year, as well as a public thank-you on the Buildbot mailing lists. Logos corresponding to larger donations will appear higher on the homepages.


Buildbot accepts donations in any amount. The following is a rough guideline:

  • $100 will cover our operating expenses for a year (they are minimal!)
  • $1000 will support travel expenses for one to two team members
  • $5000 will support work on a substantial feature or improvement to Buildbot of the organization's choosing, such as those on ProjectIdeas


Donations to Buildbot are handled by ​Software Freedom Conservancy, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization of which Buildbot is a member project. Your donation will be dedicated to Buildbot, for which Conservancy maintains a dedicated account.

To donate, you can use the form on the front page at any time to make donations via PayPal. If you would prefer to cut a check, you may do this as well. Make the check payable to "Software Freedom Conservancy" and write "Directed Donation for Buildbot" in the "memo" field. Checks should be sent to Software Freedom Conservancy, Inc., 137 MONTAGUE ST STE 380, Brooklyn, NY 11201-3548.

If you would prefer to make other arrangements, or to provide a logo and other information for thanks, please contact us at botherders@…. Logos will be displayed in order by decreasing donation size.

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