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Added note on HTML/Jinja now being on target for 0.8 (will remove this todo later on)

User objects

After using Darcs for a while, I've become a bit irritated by the fact that my "Changes" column is so wide (since Change objects that are generated by include a full email address as the 'author' field). I'm starting to think that we could have a UserManager? object somewhere (created and registered in the config file) which the ChangeSource can use to translate the author field of the incoming messages into a User object. This User object would have a method to return a suitably short name for the person, for use in the Changes column on the Waterfall display.

Later, this User object might also make it easier to send messages to the particular person by walking through all the available status plugins to see which of them has seen the user recently (I'm thinking IM and IRC here, in particular).

The UserManager? might also be a reasonable place to implement logic like "who is the build sheriff right now?", and to track users that are responsible/interested in different files or modules.

The overall idea would be that most internal buildbot interfaces that accept a string would instead take a User object.

Branch objects

With Darcs in particular (but it also applies to pretty much every VC system), branches are a bit of a hack. The biggest problem I'm seeing right now is when a Builder is configured and presented as being for a specific branch (by virtue of being triggered by a Scheduler which only pays attention to a single branch), then when I use the "force build" button on that Builder, I usually forget to fill in the branch name, and thus get a trunk build by mistake.

Also, we need a way to handle both the "name" of the branch (which is short and generally doesn't include slashes) and the logic that dictates how that branch is interpreted by the VC checkout step (in which some string might be appended to a base repository URL).

Maybe a Branch object would help. The SourceStamp could have one of these instead of a .branch string, and then the VC system could ask it how it wants to be incorporated into the repo URL.

Multi-Project Builds

At the moment, each Build has a single SourceStamp. I'm thinking that to accomodate things like running buildbot version A against twisted version B and python version C, it may be useful to give the Build a dictionary of SourceStamps, to track all the various components that might affect the results. When doing the build, there would be a step to set up the python environment (which might need to download and compile all of python, if the purpose of the test is to make sure that python's TRUNK is still usable, but which hopefully could use a previously cached version most of the time), and then one to set up the Twisted environment, and then one to run the unit tests of the buildbot environment.

HTML templates

Changing the current HTML is quite difficult as it is embedded in Python code, so you need to be a python _and_ html wizard to make the GUI nicer. Work to fix this is progressing on the JinjaBranch, by separating Python from HTML via Jinja templates.

Jinja work has been merged to master and is scheduled for release in 0.8