This page is a collection of resources for professional support of Buildbot.

If you are a consultant or contractor with a background in Buildbot, please add a section to this page with a brief description and whatever contact information is appropriate.

Bad Dog Consulting

Full service CM consulting since 2000.

Release Team member of SCons project.

I've contributed several bugfixes to Buildbot. I've been deploying buildbot for my clients for the last 5 years.

Location: Mountain View,CA

Working Area: SF Bay Area (in person), or telecommute to anywhere on the planet.

Ian Z


Long and varied experience with both development and administration, almost all of it in the Unix-like world.

For the past few years I seem to have been pigeonholed as a Build Engineer or "Continuous Integration" Engineer. I used Buildbot in all of those places. I know how to heavily customize it and where to patch it when customization is not enough. A few of my patches found their way to the official source.

I have to say this again: I'm a Unix person. If you are building Windows apps natively (not cross-building from Unix) and want me to care for and feed a Windows buildbot installation, I most probably cannot help you.

Of course I know other build tools as well but the details would be off topic here.

Location: San Francisco Bay Area (East Bay)


Anybox is a free software service company, whose primarily focus is development and integration of business applications. We're also doing buildbot consultancy, leveraging the experience we've accumulated over the years using buildbot for our clients' projects.

We've made several contributions to buildbot, in particular during the 0.9 "Nine" maturation time.

We can help you migrate to Nine !

Location: Paris, France

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