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add note about removing done items and adding follow-ups

Buildbot has weekly meetings in irc (#buildbot on freenode) on Tuesdays at 16:30 UTC.


The agenda for the upcoming meeting is at titanpad. Anyone is welcome to add items (but please do attend the meeting as well!)


Meeting minutes are here

Running Meetings

  1. [optionally] alert in advance on IRC that meeting will be in XX minutes.
  1. Start meeting:
#startmeeting weekly
  1. [optionally] add other users to be chairs of the meeting:
#chair tardyp
  1. Save current version of agenda on Titanpad (Saved revisions tabs -> Save now button).
  1. Paste current version of agenda to the IRC:
#info agenda
  1. Set "Introduction" topic and do Roll call in order to understand who is available:
#topic Introduction
Hi everybody! Lets do roll-call, who is also here?
  1. After introduction go through topics on agenda:
#topic Week in Review

You need to gather comments and information about topics being discussed and summarize it in meeting minutes using #info command:

#info Lots of great fixes this week

In case you agreed on some issue you can use #agree command:

#agree Python 2.6 support will be finally dropped

If you agree that some work should be done by specific user you can explicitly state this with #action command:

#action djmitche to file a bug about ansible failures

All #info, #agree, #action commands texts will be added to the current topic in meeting minutes, by using them you build short summary of the meeting — meeting minutes.

  1. End meeting using #endmeeting command:
  1. The chair should then send a copy of the meeting minutes to both users@… and devel@… with the subject "Weekly Meeting Notes".

See MeetBot documentation for other commands, or past meetings minutes or logs for reference.

After meeting is complete please update agenda: remove discussed topics and add follow-up topics for items that should be updated during the upcoming week.