This summit will take place about 30m after the PyCon sprints are introduced, on Sunday, March 11. According to the published schedule, that means about 5:00pm pacific (bear in mind the daylight savings time!).

  • When: 5pm pacific
  • Where: wherever the Buildbot sprint is assigned
  • Backchannel: #buildbot on IRC
  • Video: We'll be in the Buildbot vidyo room (, but only using Dustin's laptop, so quality for remote folks may be .. suboptimal.


  1. Buildbot's Successes - where do we stand?
    • Widely used - SuccessStories
    • Regular releases
    • Lots of contributions - big and small
  2. Next steps
  3. Maintainers review
  4. Potential projects (for sprints and GSoC)
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