This is the log of the steps used to install buildbot under OS X 10.8.2:

  1. Create a user to run the buildbot master. This can be done either from the GUI or from the terminal using dscl tool as explained in this question. In any case, the subsequent steps should be done as buildbot user, e.g. inside sudo -u buildbot zsh shell.
  2. Set up a virtual environment (the name and location is arbitrary, of course, choose whatever you prefer) for buildbot and activate it:
    % curl -O
    % python env/2.7
    % . ./env/2.7/bin/activate
  3. Install the dependencies, notice that specific versions of SQLAlchemy and SQLAlchemy-Migrate packages must be used, buildbot doesn't work with newer versions as of time of this writing (0.8.7p1) and that I didn't find a way to convince pip to install an older version of SQLAlchemy-Migrate without using an explicit URL as done below:
    % pip install Twisted pysqlite simplejson jinja2 python-dateutil 'SQLAlchemy==0.6'
  4. Install buildbot itself:
    % pip install buildbot{,-worker}
  5. If you want to run tests:
    % pip install mock
    % trial buildbot.test
    # Expect tons of output and something like "PASSED (skips=7, successes=2129)" at the end.
    % pip uninstall mock
    % rm -rf _trial_temp
  6. Create a new master as usual and proceed with configuring it:
    % buildbot create-master -r mymaster
    % cp mymaster/master.cfg.sample mymaster/master.cfg
    % vim mymaster/master.cfg
    % buildbot checkconfig mymaster/master.cfg
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