To upload new python packages to the FTP server, for use by metabuildbot workers:

  • login to via service2:
    dustin@service2 ~ $ jls
       JID  IP Address      Hostname                      Path
         1              /usr/local/jail/www
         2             /usr/local/jail/trac
         3             /usr/local/jail/nine
         4            /usr/local/jail/lists
         5              /usr/local/jail/ftp
         6             /usr/local/jail/docs
         7              /usr/local/jail/bot
         8          /usr/local/jail/supybot
    dustin@service2 ~ $ sudo jexec ftp bash
  • change to the python-packages dir:
    cd /data/ftp/pub/metabuildbot/python-packages/
  • get the file, using the link copied from

That's it!

One might consider using

 pip install --no-use-wheel --download . --find-links . <top-level-package>

Side note (sa2ajj): I'm going to check if we could have a file in buildbot-infra which, when changed, would cause the relevant packages to be downloaded. I think it's gonna be friendlier, since more people have commit rights to buildbot-infra than sudo rights on Buildbot infrastructure.

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