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If you're excited about Buildbot, there's a way you can help. Some ideas are below, in no particular order:

Project Management

Pitch in with some of the day-to-day work of keeping Buildbot going:

There are also leadership positions available within the project:

  • Join the Botherders - Buildbot's governing body
  • Be the release manager, deciding when and what to release, and automating the process
  • Be the marketing lead, organizing a team to make Buildbot look its best to prospective users, and sharing the good news about new features and functionality. This includes our Google + page and other social media outlets, as well as, docs, this wiki, and so on.
  • Be the sponsorship coordinator, helping to solicit sponsorships and to find developers who can hack on Buildbot using some of that sponsorship funding.
  • Be the documentation lead, working to recruit writers and coders to make the sprawling Buildbot documentation more useful to all of Buildbot's users, from the neophyte to the advanced hacker writing custom plugins.

or, if your specialty is a particular part of Buildbot, you can become a component maintainer?.

To get involved with any of these options, jump right in, or contact us via email at botherders at!


There's a lot to write about Buildbot:

Many of our contributors are not native English speakers, so there's always a need for editing, clarification, and other fixes and updates to text. Pull requests for this sort of thing are *happily* accepted!

So if you're familiar with Buildbot and have a flair for writing, there's ample room to contribute!

To get involved writing for Buildbot, jump right in! Contact botherders at if you need help or need additional access for your work.


Buildbot is big and complex, and people do crazy things with it. They often need help, and go to a number of venues to ask for it. And sometimes they don't get an answer, which is sad. If you're familiar with Buildbot, drop in and help out a fellow user.

We also need help increasing Buildbot's visibility: talking about the tool at related conferences and meetings, singing its praises on social media, updating users on new and cool features. This fits nicely with the "marketing lead" described above, but even if you're not willing to "lead", every little bit helps!

To get involved writing for Buildbot, jump right in! We'd be happy to hear of your plans at botherders@…, but you don't need our permission!

Systems Administration

The Buildbot project has a substantial bit of infrastructure, generously supported by Google, OSUOSL, and iXsystems. And we need help maintaining and improving that infrastructure to better support the project. If you have system administration skills, see SystemAdministration for lots of links and notes on how to get started.


See the Development page for lots of information on hacking Buildbot's code.