GitHub Workflow

This page aims to outline various elements of the committers' workflow with PRs submitted to


Next steps

please review
A committer is not certain that her understanding of the area is good enough and welcomes other committers to review the change.
merge me

A committer is happy with the change, however she'd prefer another committer (who'd be comfortable with this particular area) to review the change and merge it if there are no issues.


Originally it was created to hint @djmitche that it's time to merge this PR.

needs tests needs docs needs relnotes

The corresponding work is required for this PR to be accepted.


Some minor changes can be accepted without tests, documentation or release notes.

needs work
A committer expects [some] comments to be addressed.
needs rebase
The PR can't be merged as there are conflicts.
needs reply
The PR looks OK, however, there are parts that need clarification.

The PR is submitted against the maintenance branch (eight), the change brings in useful improvements and, while it can be accepted, it will not since:

  • the maintenance branch is about to hit end-of-life
  • porting to the master branch requires extra effort due to API changes
  • the maintenance branch maintainer (@sa2ajj) or another committer thinks it's the best to get the changes in master first

The PR seems to be useful for the maintenance branch (eight) as well and serves as an indicator for @sa2ajj (others are welcome!) that this needs to be looked at and ported.


Once the port is done, the label must be removed from the original PR.


This is the only defined target: practically it's an indication for @sa2ajj needs to see if this is going to be integrated to the maintenance branch (eight).


Unlike other "intentions", this label indicates that while certain work was requested, the PR's author did not follow it up for 15 days. The PR will be closed in 15 days after this label was applied.
Do Not Merge
This PR is a work in progress and, while the checks might be successful, the author does not want it be merged.
This PR is a "reqiest for comments", that's it: the main points (hopefully expresses in the PR description) need comments. No further action is required.
To Reject?
This PR was found by one of the committers to contradict ideas/goals/etc. The reason must be clearly stated in a comment. It takes another committer to agree with the reasoning and close the PR.
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