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Can I use a single buildmaster for multiple projects?

This is, by far, the most frequently-asked question.

The short answer is, no. Run a different buildmaster for each project. It's straightforward, but does require a lot of CPU and RAM.

The longer answer is, maybe. It depends on how your packages are arranged in your version control repository, and whether they are interdependent. Users have co-opted the 'category' field that can be attached to a Change object, and filtered on by schedulers. Others simply treat projects as "branches" of a single repository. Complications often arise having to do with ordering of revision numbers, particularly for projects in different repositories.

We are working on a fix for this in 0.8.0.

Consult the mailing list archives for discussion of various implementations of multi-project buildmasters.

Can I build a project that is composed of code from multiple repositories?

A common example: a project that packages several independently-developed utilities into a single binary for users to download.

This is also very difficult to do. The problem is figuring out when to trigger a new build, and which revision to use in each repository.

We are working on a fix for this, too.

Why isn't buildbot designed for my build process, since it's a very common process?

Most people feel that their build proces is "normal", "obvious", or "common". It's not. No two buildbot users have the same build process, nor do they organize their code in the same way. You can believe this now, or watch the mailing list and IRC channel for a week or so and believe it later.

My Mac Buildslave can't resolve domain names

Macs use "security contexts", so if you start a buildslave via an SSH connection, then once that connection disappears, the context does, too. See UsingLaunchd for a workaround.