Get the Code

Buildbot has been through a number of version-control systems, but is currently a Git repository hosted at GitHub:

If you're not a git whiz, you can download a tarball of this repository by clicking the "Download" link on the GitHub page.

Note that the Arch, Darcs, and CVS repositories are deprecated and no longer updated.

Set up Your Environment

See RunningBuildbotWithVirtualEnv.

Develop a Patch

The best way to submit patches to Buildbot is using GitHub's forking mechanism. For details, see SubmittingPatches.

What is this crazy Git stuff?

If you want to take the short way out, you can create an old-fashioned patch file with this simple recipe:

  • Copy the most recent source:
    git clone git://
    cd buildbot
  • Hack
  • Make a patch:
    git diff > my.patch

Then send that patch to the developers.

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