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    1 === Getting Code ===
    2  * There are [LatestBuildbotSource Arch and Darcs repositories] which represent the latest code.
    3    * or you can see the latest HEAD revision by using darcs to pull a tree from
    4    * other work-in-progress branches are published to
    5  * The almost-latest pre-release code is available from CVS for [ browsing] or [ read-only checkout].
    6  * Dustin Mitchell maintains a [;a=summary development repository] ('''Note''': darcs web seems busted) serving as an incubator for new patches, but sometimes containing code that's not quite ready for release.
    7    * Periodic tarballs of this repository are available [ here]
    8    * The manual from this repository is available [ here].
     1= Get the Code =
     2Buildbot has been through a number of version-control systems, but is currently a Git repository hosted at [ GitHub]:
     4There are a few important branches here:
     5 * ''brian'' contains the patches accepted by Brian
     6 * ''master'' contains the latest patches accepted by Dustin, and tends to run a bit ahead of ''brian''.  This is a development branch, and serves as an incubator for new patches, but sometimes contains code that's not quite ready for release.
     7 * ''one-oh'' contains the latest work on BuildbotOneOh, the next generation of buildbot.
     9If you're not a git whiz, you can download a tarball of this repository by clicking the "Download" link on the github page.
     11Note that the Arch, Darcs, and CVS versions of the source are deprecated and no longer updated.
    1013=== Participating ===