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    1818Note that mentors do *not* select the project.  Please be willing to mentor any student on any of the available projects.
     20== Time Commitment ==
     21A mentor should plan to schedule out 1-2 hours per week for the purpose - mostly to meet with or be available to your student.  Beyond that, you'll need some ad-hoc time for code review, answering questions, reading drafts and plans, and other kinds of problem-solving.  Some weeks won't have any, and some weeks will have a heavier load.  If things work out well (for example, your student creates a number of small PRs rather than one big one at the end of the summer), you can balance that load pretty well.
    2023== Technical Knowledge ==
    2124You, the mentor, do not need to understand the code your student is working on.  Your responsibility is to help the student use the same tools and techniques that you would to approach an unknown codebase and solve a problem: reading and interpreting code; grepping the codebase; using the code's history for context; setting up a test environment; breaking down a problem into smaller pieces; recognizing when you're stuck and need help; and asking for help with focused questions in the right environments.