Introduction Agenda

  • What is Buildbot? A tour of the Metabuilbot.
  • Future Plans
  • Getting Involved
    • Mailing list and/or IRC
    • Trac
    • Documentation


  • If you know a lot about JavaScript, let's build some client-side smarts into the web interface
  • If you want some practice with Twisted and Deferreds, Buildbot uses them heavily - stop by
  • If you know a thing or two about Python on Windows, you can teach Buildbot to do a better job there
  • If you want practice writing unit tests, Buildbot's coverage is low so there are lots of opportunities
  • If you have a Buildbot project you are working on, let's hack on that!
  • If you have a way with words, the documentation is long, but lacks linguistic finesse in places. Maybe you can help fix that!
  • If you know about database portability and/or SQLAlchemy, you can probably help identify and fix some serious problems in Buildbot before we get stuck with them.
  • If you know more than the average bear about Unicode, Buildbot has some interesting encoding problems that need some creativity and wisdom applied.

Here are some real projects and bugs you can work on:

  • simple tickets ("simple" here just means that it's good for a newcomer to Buildbot, because the bug doesn't require understanding more than one part of the code - it doesn't necessarily mean "easy")
  • sprint tickets - bugs that will (hopefully!) not take you more than a day to finish
  • 0.8.4 bugs - let's get this shipped!
  • FutureIdeas


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