Using Buildbot and Trac together

The simplest thing to do is to add a "Buildbot" button to the navbar: that's what we're doing here at . To do this, install the NavAddPlugin and then add something like the following to your trac.ini:

navadd.* = enabled
add_items = buildbot = mainnav
buildbot.title = Buildbot
buildbot.url =

You can also modify Trac to put a Waterfall inside a Trac page, using the plugin from All it does is put the waterfall into Trac, and it only works for buildsteps that are finished, but hey, that's much better than nothing. :) See for an example. --DR

Work is underway on a more fully-featured trac plugin with tighter integration and new features. Please see the TracPlugin page for a description and current status.

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