This page is used for bug triage - getting existing bugs correctly keyworded and categorized.

New Bugs

These are generally newly-added bugs. They should have a milestone, type, and keywords set, if a quick completion is not possible. Ideally this list would have no bugs in it!

EC2LatentWorker with build_wait_timeout=0 causes builds to hang
Buildbot does not realize latent worker has disconnected
It seems that HttpStatusPush (silently) switched from application/x-www-form-urlencoded to application/json
after a while, buildbot UI is using 100% CPU
RemoveDirectory step does not take a timeout argument, and the default (4 minutes) is too short
home page current's build do not update while build finishes
0.8.x: Returning SKIPPED from new-style step results in finish being invoked twice
Git retry is inconsistent & has failure modes
only grab logfiles on failure
GitPoller can't get changed files on merge commit
MailNotifier Unable to find any of email
replace pep8+pyflakes with flake8
create views for workers and scheduler in UI
Result of "Force"-ing build that is scheduled to run on (yet) disconnected worker is misleading
[UI] html is not escaped in ShellCommand stdio
buildbot.steps.worker.CompositeStepMixin is not documented
nextSlave idiosyncrasies
Add Pull Request template on GitHub
remove master logic from slave/buildslave/scripts/ or unify implementation in master and worker
Interrupted a builder that was waiting for a lock (running another build with the lock), lock was never released
run linter on RestructuredText
Git poller get wrong change list after merge
Cases of Interpolate failing to render properly in cases of replacements (-, ~)
Configure warning and errorpatterns on all steps
assert error on wamp realm
Sample Dockerfiles for master/worker need to be updated
replace setuptools' "scripts" with setuptools' entry_points "console_scripts"
Teach meetbot to automatically send summary email.
path_module is accessed even if latent worker did not connect
Unicode error in writeSequence in 0.8.14
dataModule: do not call callbacks if close() was called
dictionary size changed error
MailNotifier handles build result RETRY inconsistently
make compare_attrs type consistent
don't output text in tests
Buildbot master uses surprising amount of memory
DirectoryUpload hangs if lacks permissions
Error using 'usetimestamps=False' with buildbot.changes.HgPoller
HttpStatusPush broken in 0.9.1

Need Re-triage

Bugs marked with the 'triage' tag.

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Other Lists

  • UnkeywordedTickets - a list of all tickets with no tags. Many of these are fine as they are, but they should not be forgotten, and may prompt the creation of a new keyword if you see a common theme.
  • SupportRequests - open tickets categorized as support requests.
  • AllOpenTickets - a list of all open tickets.
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