21:05 Ticket #907 (zip_safe is true for buildslave, and windows fails to find it) closed by dustin
fixed: I also pushed …
21:00 Ticket #907 (zip_safe is true for buildslave, and windows fails to find it) created by dustin
From an email thread: …
20:38 Ticket #900 (console: exceptions everywhere) closed by dustin
fixed: Wow, this was hard enough to track down the first time - I just blew …
19:15 WikiStart edited by dustin
nuke trailing menu text (diff)
19:10 WikiStart edited by dustin
fix headline levels, move downloads down a notch (diff)
19:09 WikiStart edited by dustin
thinner text (diff)
19:06 WikiStart edited by dustin
19:06 AboutBuildbot created by dustin
19:05 WikiStart edited by dustin
18:53 WikiStart edited by dustin
revert to earlier side-by-side view; descriptions will come in a moment (diff)
16:11 CBuildslave edited by verm
Fill in some info. (diff)
15:57 CBuildslave created by verm
15:54 WikiStart edited by verm
Some cleanup. (diff)
10:38 WikiStart edited by verm
Link to about page. (diff)
09:38 WikiStart edited by verm
Fix two indentations. (diff)
09:38 WikiStart edited by verm
Try a main index without a navigation pane. (diff)
09:15 WikiStart edited by verm
Try redoing the font index using wiki macros. (diff)


14:23 ScreenShots edited by verm
Add a heading. (diff)


13:39 WindowsProject edited by rstackhouse
12:16 Ticket #906 (please offer a way to pipe shell output in 'i/o view' through external ...) created by dothebart
depending on the shell environment, tools can create escape sequence to …


12:04 Ticket #905 (Cannot install Buildbot 0.8.0 on Windows 7) created by rstackhouse
I tried installing Buildbot through easy_install (Python 2.6) and got the …


08:14 Ticket #904 (implement build filtering in web ui) created by bhearsum
It would be nice for one_line_per_build to be able to only show builds …
08:13 Ticket #903 (implement one_line_per_active_build) created by bhearsum
It would like one_line_per_build, except it would only show currently …


18:29 Ticket #658 (Add frozen config support (zip/egg/pyexe) to Jinja templates) closed by dustin
wontfix: I don't think that there's any other need for frozen master. So can we …


06:45 Ticket #902 (buildstatus broken) created by axel
When clicking on one of the boxes in the console view I get a little …
06:41 Ticket #901 (console html template: wrong div, broken CDATA, escaped URL) created by axel
Hi, attached patch fixes three issues * the window.onload script doesn't …
06:35 Ticket #900 (console: exceptions everywhere) created by axel
Hi, for me, all console builds are pink. Debugging showed that results in …


20:10 Ticket #899 (AttributeError on reconfig) created by catlee
Occasionally seeing this when reconfiguring a master that is running all …
07:53 Ticket #898 (AssertionErrors on reconfig) created by catlee
Occasionally we hit this exception on a reconfig: […]
04:57 Ticket #897 (Allow Twisted dependency to be fulfilled by separate tarballs) created by clepple
In Fink, Twisted is broken up into individual packages based on the …
03:36 Ticket #896 (Replace try with a client for the force scheduler) created by marcusl
We have a "try" client defined which looks for a patch in a local …


19:38 Ticket #803 (Disable patch output in twistd.log) closed by Dustin J. Mitchell
fixed: Reduce verbosity in twistd.log on the try server. Remove the patch from …
16:08 CuttingReleases edited by bhearsum


17:22 Ticket #895 (svn poller should use pass environment to getProcessOutput) created by jonrafkind
svnpoller.py should pass os.environ to utils.getProcessOutput to ensure …
13:09 Ticket #894 (document undoc'd steps) created by dustin
from the top of cfg-buildsteps.texinfo: […]
11:26 ReleaseProject created by dustin
11:25 WikiStart edited by dustin
10:49 Ticket #893 (Mercurial source step needs username and passwd parms) created by bgunnison
So we can get source from https URLs. My workaround: I have a Repo URL …
04:41 Ticket #892 (revision=None breaks console view) created by Shish
while setting up a change notification hook I managed to invoke buildbot …


05:13 SuccessStories edited by knielsen
Added MariaDB (diff)


14:12 SuccessStories edited by dustin
songbird (diff)
14:01 Ticket #4 (docs for Monotone) closed by Dustin J. Mitchell
fixed: add docs for monotone (fixes #4) Changeset: …
13:51 Ticket #4 (docs for Monotone) reopened by dustin


11:57 SuccessStories edited by dustin
remove spam (diff)


10:24 bk edited by dustin
10:18 Ticket #891 (Better BK tests) created by dustin
The BK test suite needs to be expanded by someone who has a copy of BK. …
09:48 bk created by dustin
09:15 OngoingProjects edited by dustin


10:05 Ticket #257 (easy_install buildbot fails on win32) reopened by dustin


10:49 WikiStart edited by dustin
10:48 tests created by dustin
10:47 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
10:47 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
10:45 Ticket #890 (need to monkeypatch in a TestCase.patch on Twisted-2.5.0) created by dustin
We use self.patch in a number of places in the tests, but this is …
10:27 Ticket #889 ("Rebuild" propagates too many properties to the new build) created by dustin
[…] I think that the right solution is to distinguish "setup" …
10:24 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
08:25 Ticket #888 (test ticket) closed by dustin
invalid: works for me..
08:25 Ticket #888 (test ticket) created by dustin
08:18 Ticket #887 (Unclean slave shutdown can lead to zombie slave references in master) created by catlee
One of our slaves ( was shut down abruptly (the VM was turned …


07:21 Ticket #886 (Exception when cancelling all requests) created by catlee
When you hit the "Cancel" button to cancel all pending requests, the …


22:21 Ticket #885 (The repo url property of the Git step doesn't accept WithProperties.) created by tom.prince
This seems to be due to lack of handling in Source.computeRepositoryURL
11:40 Ticket #884 (Failure to delete sources directory when retrying git clone using "copy" ...) closed by Dustin J. Mitchell
fixed: Always clobber the srcdir too, when retrying - fixes #884 Merge branch …
11:35 Ticket #835 (fix windows test failures) closed by dustin
fixed: And with that, for the moment our windows failures are fixed!
10:56 Ticket #884 (Failure to delete sources directory when retrying git clone using "copy" ...) created by sgarman
When doing a git clone using the "copy" mode and enabling retries, …
10:35 Ticket #883 (log data larger than CHUNK_LIMIT will be silently discarded) closed by Dustin J. Mitchell
fixed: fix failure to send trailing chunk when chunking (fixes #883) Also adds …
10:24 Ticket #883 (log data larger than CHUNK_LIMIT will be silently discarded) created by dustin
This is a pretty serious bug, covered by a typo in a unit test.


20:19 MetaBuildbotConfig edited by dustin
19:12 MetaBuildbotConfig edited by dustin
18:54 Ticket #880 (split slave and master into separate packages) closed by dustin
fixed: Split was made in e0b505f2b1ec1246774baa1d688126f3dee12a65. This puts the …
17:14 SuccessStories edited by davidsansome
Add Clementine (diff)
16:22 Ticket #882 (pysqlite + cygwin = no UPDATE) created by dustin
[…] I managed the pare this failure back to here: […] That last …


19:53 Ticket #881 (convert README.w32 into wiki and/or texinfo documentation) created by dustin
See the README.w3w file at …
19:51 WindowsProject created by dustin
19:50 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
15:55 Ticket #880 (split slave and master into separate packages) created by dustin
The master has a lot of new requirements, and won't run on cygwin (and …
11:26 MetaBuildbotConfig edited by dustin
11:21 MetaBuildbotConfig edited by Nicolas
formatting (diff)
11:18 MetaBuildbotConfig edited by maruel
10:57 MetaBuildbotConfig edited by maruel
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08:44 SuccessStories edited by dustin
add mongodb (diff)
06:10 Ticket #879 (skipped step status is not displayed anymore in the waterfall) created by cdadhemar
Hello, It seems the 'SKIPPED' buildstep status is no more reported in the …


07:52 OngoingProjects edited by bhearsum
07:46 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
07:40 Ticket #878 (need better test coverage) created by bhearsum
A lot of tests were disabled in the 0.8.0 ramp up leaving us with pretty …
07:37 Ticket #877 (tests should be easier to write) created by bhearsum
Writing tests is currently very cumbersome, and should be made simpler.
07:26 Ticket #876 (multiple project/repository enhancements) created by bhearsum
From meeting notes: We now have the capacity to build multiple projects in …
07:21 Ticket #875 (enhance ways of coordinating builds - flocks?) created by bhearsum
Blurb from meeting notes: Similar to the multi-project / multi-repository …
07:16 Ticket #874 (Graceful shutdown should be implemented for masters) created by bhearsum
07:13 Ticket #873 (Waterfall : filter by 'project') closed by dustin
duplicate: This is covered by #789.
07:08 Ticket #873 (Waterfall : filter by 'project') created by cdadhemar
Hello, Buildbot 0.8.0 introduced a new (and expected) feature : the …


12:24 Ticket #863 (remove Arch support) closed by maruel
duplicate: Dupe of #869
12:24 Ticket #860 (Remove Arch and Bzr) closed by maruel
duplicate: Dupe of #869
10:56 Ticket #872 (hook pylint up to metabuildbot) created by dustin
Now that M-A has cooked up a pylintrc, we should start running it on the …
10:13 Ticket #871 (JS UI should have an easy means for users to customize page templates) reopened by dustin
It would be pretty cool if it could be made to work, though. Is there …
10:05 Ticket #871 (JS UI should have an easy means for users to customize page templates) closed by cdadhemar
invalid: This request is invalid since what I ask is a Sphinx dedicated feature. …
08:03 Ticket #871 (JS UI should have an easy means for users to customize page templates) created by cdadhemar
Hello, When a user wants to customize the default "layout.html" template …


13:56 Ticket #870 (Http log rotation triggers exceptions.WindowsError on master when multiple ...) created by dustin
Caemyr encountered a situation where, once the httpd log reached 1M, the …
13:52 Ticket #803 (Disable patch output in twistd.log) reopened by dustin
Reverted. We should still do this, but as written the patch caused …


14:57 Ticket #4 (docs for Monotone) closed by dustin
14:56 Ticket #3 (unit tests for monotone) closed by dustin
01:06 ProjectIdeas edited by marcusl
HTML Templates is released in 0.8. The future has officially arrived. ;) (diff)


18:11 BuildbotNetAdmin edited by dustin
16:47 Ticket #869 (remove Arch, Bazaar, and Monotone in 0.8.2) created by dustin
0.8.1 will have a deprecation note.
16:28 Ticket #868 (Allow latent slaves to refuse to start up, without failing) created by dustin
The idea is that a latent slave driver could determine that it does not …
16:19 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
16:12 BugWrangling created by dustin
16:09 Development edited by dustin
16:08 cvs edited by dustin
16:00 cvs created by dustin
15:58 Development edited by dustin
15:57 DevelopmentGettingStarted edited by dustin
15:57 Development edited by dustin
15:54 Development edited by dustin
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15:50 DevelopmentGettingStarted edited by dustin
15:48 DevelopmentGettingStarted created by dustin
15:42 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
15:34 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
15:34 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
use TicketQuery and query: (diff)
15:28 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
15:12 OngoingProjects edited by dustin
15:09 Ticket #867 (p4 poller triggers assertion in _process_changes(self, result) and no more ...) closed by dustin
fixed: Kovarththanan already fixed this in …
15:02 Ticket #866 (Update documentation to reflect UI customization via templates) closed by Dustin J. Mitchell
fixed: Update documentation to reflect UI customization via templates The …
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