11:44 Ticket #660 (Enable html-escaping by default and mark python-generated HTML as safe) closed by marcusl
wontfix: Auto-escaping is not on by default, for reasons listed …
11:37 Ticket #661 (Add support for Mercurial to console view) created by marcusl
The console view currently requires a linear integer revision id to work. …
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formatting (diff)
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split page into two columns (diff)
09:47 Ticket #656 (Root page (index.html) -> jinja template) closed by marcusl
fixed: Fixed in [3694085c4f0bb8db6450dd9b4cf6e08147acaa30] on marcusl/jinja.
09:46 Ticket #590 (buildbot.test.test_vc.Bzr.testCheckout fails a lot) closed by dustin
wontfix: meh, buildbot tests suck, story at 11
09:46 Ticket #464 (MailNotfier customMesg= implementation uses too much memory) closed by dustin
fixed: […] Let's see how that works out.
08:56 web edited by marcusl
08:56 Ticket #660 (Enable html-escaping by default and mark python-generated HTML as safe) created by marcusl
Currently it's the other way around, i.e. the template designer must …
08:42 web edited by marcusl
Todo-items moved to tickets (diff)
08:39 Ticket #659 (Add bytecode cache for jinja) created by marcusl
Jinja support bytecode caching faster startup (to avoid having to re-parse …
08:37 Ticket #658 (Add frozen config support (zip/egg/pyexe) to Jinja templates) created by marcusl
Perhaps jinja2.PackageLoader helps here.
08:36 Ticket #657 (Support different jinja template directories) created by marcusl
Configure WebStatus? to take a template_dir argument so that it's …
08:34 Ticket #656 (Root page (index.html) -> jinja template) created by marcusl
Need to use jinja template here in order to use layout.html. The current …
08:32 Ticket #655 (Make all templates inherit layout.html) created by marcusl
This will allow us to properly re-user header/footer stuff everywhere, as …
08:31 Ticket #654 (Change.asHTML() -> jinja) created by marcusl
This method is also used in e-mails, which don't have a jinja env …
08:31 Ticket #653 (IHTMLLog -> jinja) created by marcusl
Using either jinja2.TemplateStream or partial rendering…
08:30 Ticket #652 (Convert IBox:es to jinja) created by marcusl
08:29 Ticket #651 (Console view -> jinja) created by marcusl
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Added ticket lists (diff)
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Merge everything up to head of djmitche/master -> jinja branch done! :) (diff)
07:53 Ticket #645 (Crash when handling a lot of objects) closed by dustin
fixed: A (hopefully more correct) variant: […] Please reopen if this isn't …
07:50 Ticket #220 (IRC status does not like builders with spaces in them) closed by dustin
07:42 Ticket #248 (allow space in text part of links on /builders page) closed by dustin
wontfix: I think we can get away with properly quoting builder names everywhere. …
06:31 web edited by marcusl
Added console view to jinjafication todo-list (diff)


21:29 Ticket #497 (step.SVN has no relation to BuildmasterConfig sources) closed by dustin
worksforme: If this is still a problem (it's 3 years old..) then it should be asked on …
21:24 Ticket #615 (Way to configure LogObservers) closed by dustin
duplicate: bug #593 in particular
21:23 Ticket #603 (buildbot start master/slave fails the first time because twistd.log does ...) closed by dustin
worksforme: reopen with any more information..
20:59 Ticket #367 (buildbot sighup fails if a LockAccess object is used instead of a Lock ...) reopened by dustin
Albert, what do you think?
20:49 Ticket #604 (gzip compression of log files) closed by Nicolas
fixed: Fixed in …
20:38 Ticket #626 (P4Base.parseGotRevision returns wrong revision in some cases) closed by dustin
fixed: I know nothing about p4, but I suppose I can do that: […]
20:21 Ticket #610 (subunit support would be nice and allow sexy UI reporting of tests.) closed by dustin
20:06 Ticket #637 (windows buildslave fails with empty password) closed by dustin
wontfix: Hmm, I'm not sure there's a way to send an empty password, then - this is …
19:59 Ticket #633 (buildbot reconfig BASEDIR) closed by dustin
19:50 Ticket #611 (changes.py throws exception if revision is not set) closed by dustin
fixed: This was dup'd elsewhere and fixed: […]
19:49 Ticket #617 (bad assert in mail notifier) closed by dustin
fixed: thanks!
19:47 Ticket #602 (Exception in buildslave setBuilddir (bot.py) 'No such file or directory') closed by dustin
fixed: Good point - thanks!
19:45 Ticket #620 (Web status pages should use HtmlResource.footer) closed by dustin
fixed: Great, thanks! And no, it didn't apply cleanly.
19:36 Ticket #465 (Git test failure with non-C locale) closed by dustin
19:33 Ticket #486 (SVN ChangeSrc: error if change msg contains ASCII ctrl chars) closed by dustin
worksforme: need more info..
19:25 Ticket #484 (Basic Alienbrain support) closed by dustin
wontfix: Let's re-open this if there's more interest.
19:20 Ticket #481 (Initial support for Visual SourceSafe) closed by dustin
wontfix: still no demand. I'm very keen to not add code for something that we …
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08:23 SchedulerDB created by bhearsum


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removed spam (diff)
08:58 Ticket #650 (switch to CIA for IRC notifications) created by dustin
the github bot keeps getting kicked for flooding. CIA is much more …
08:57 Ticket #649 (install github Trac plugin) created by dustin
github will push change notif's directly onto tickets, apparently. See …
08:31 Ticket #648 (Would like 'delete/clean' option for DirectoryUpload step) closed by dustin
fixed: Use a MasterShellCommand? step to do the cleanup first. We are trying to …
08:05 Ticket #253 (buildbot.tac is not relocatable because it remembers its basedir) closed by dustin
duplicate: dup'd in #647
07:57 Ticket #600 (fix up buildbot/buidlslave initscripts for gentoo) closed by dustin
invalid: Oh, I didn't realize that they ship with gentoo. Gentoo seems to be on …
07:16 Ticket #648 (Would like 'delete/clean' option for DirectoryUpload step) created by cortana
I have configured a BuildFactory? to upload the result of a build to a …
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00:12 Ticket #647 (buildbot.tac specifies a relative path for twistd.log) created by dwlocks
Buildbot's log file will be created in the current working directory of …


21:36 Ticket #646 (DirectoryUpload ignores its 'mode' argument) created by dustin
The mode argument gets filtered down to FileUpload, which uses it for …
21:34 Ticket #641 (New Default CSS) closed by dustin
fixed: OK, […] This changes it to the original CSS posted to this bug. …
05:30 Ticket #645 (Crash when handling a lot of objects) created by Almad
Using git post-push hook, we get following: […] This seems to happen …
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merge in progress (diff)


02:43 Ticket #643 (Problems with /grid and /tgrid) closed by knielsen
fixed: Pushed to git trunk. Should be in 0.7.12 release.
02:43 Ticket #642 (Specifying extra build properties for force/resubmit build does not work) closed by knielsen
fixed: Pushed to git trunk. Should be in 0.7.12 release.


06:19 Ticket #644 (Add option to show the number of warnings) created by jeffall
It would be nice if you could include the number of warnings in order to …
02:22 Ticket #643 (Problems with /grid and /tgrid) created by knielsen
I have problems with /grid and /tgrid in latest Buildbot git. The problem …
01:43 Ticket #642 (Specifying extra build properties for force/resubmit build does not work) created by knielsen
There is a very useful new feature in latest git that one can specify …
01:33 Ticket #606 (Allow setting logfiles with WithProperties) closed by knielsen
fixed: This is fixed in current git tree (I fixed it in class LoggingBuildStep?, …


11:12 Ticket #641 (New Default CSS) created by feisley
I would like to suggest a new default CSS style for the buildbot waterfall …


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update p1 to p3 version in CoolCold?'s repo (diff)


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remove spam (diff)
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16:06 Ticket #640 (Mercurial always clobbers if repo-url contains password) created by miltondp
Buildbot 0.7.11p3 always clobber with Mercurial. When the URL of …


15:22 Ticket #639 (num_events should not have a hardcoded default of 200) closed by dustin
fixed: Merged - thanks! …
14:58 Ticket #639 (num_events should not have a hardcoded default of 200) created by jhford
It would be great if we could specify a default num_events value for the …


15:14 Ticket #638 (<type 'exceptions.AttributeError'>: IRCContact instance has no attribute ...) created by daniel@…
I get this a lot, but I'm not sure what the right fix is. […]
03:05 Ticket #637 (windows buildslave fails with empty password) created by erno
using "anonymous" for svn user and "" for password fails in windows …
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