14:58 Ticket #634 (MailNotifier configurability) created by tycho
We have occasions where a change is committed that breaks all the …


10:24 SuccessStories edited by RickyJones1
10:23 SuccessStories edited by RickyJones1


10:17 Ticket #633 (buildbot reconfig BASEDIR) created by necrocode
I'm unsure if this is already possible but I have been unsuccessful in all …


13:30 Ticket #632 (Git update source step not doing what it should) created by xtophe
Due to [4caa96ac83982a2444b7deb33a7bb00ade14f3bf] , the update step is …
00:50 Ticket #631 (IRC bot gives 'ValueError' when fed a singlequote) created by tycho
Example: […] Gives: […] Should I be reporting this to Twisted or …


06:52 Ticket #621 ([Errno 24] Too many open files: ...) closed by dustin
invalid: I would say it's none of the above -- it's a bug in your modifications to …


01:30 Ticket #630 (MailNotifier fails with default settings) created by heiko.bihr
Using the default message in MailNotifier? and perforce as VCS, the …


11:47 Ticket #629 (Unimportant changes are appended to build requests out of order) closed by jhoos
duplicate: I just came across #592, which fixes this same issue. Closing this.
11:42 Ticket #629 (Unimportant changes are appended to build requests out of order) created by jhoos
We've observed a few occasions where our BuildBot has started a build …


14:32 Ticket #628 (Completion of builds forced from IRC announced twice) created by Nicolas
Feature: If a build is forced from IRC, its completion is announced in IRC …
07:01 Ticket #627 (Add category support to AnyBranchScheduler) closed by dustin
fixed: committed -- thanks!


18:46 Ticket #627 (Add category support to AnyBranchScheduler) created by wms
AnyBranchScheduler? is missing the category support that Scheduler has. We …


07:42 Ticket #626 (P4Base.parseGotRevision returns wrong revision in some cases) created by JefC
In P4Base.parseGotRevision, the following command is called to retrieve …


08:35 Ticket #625 (p4poller ignores environment variables) created by hooaarzt
I'am trying to set up my buildmaster (on CentOS 5.3; RHEL 5 compatible) to …
07:57 Ticket #607 (svn_buildbot.py sets revision as int, causes error in mail.py) closed by dustin
fixed: […] Thanks!


11:23 Ticket #622 (build page broken due to undefined projectURL variable) closed by nsylvain
fixed: Fixed in …


17:14 Ticket #624 (Add Latent BuildSlave for DRMAA supporting systems) created by smackware
Supplied are two modules drmaabuildslave - contains a basic latent …
07:57 Ticket #623 (A BuildStep workdir is not created recursively) closed by dustin
fixed: pushed to github -- thanks!
07:44 Ticket #623 (A BuildStep workdir is not created recursively) created by smackware
When specifying a workdir, you cannot specify a path with more than one …


18:50 Ticket #622 (build page broken due to undefined projectURL variable) created by wms
While trying to use the latest buildbot from git, build pages are broken …


02:37 Ticket #621 ([Errno 24] Too many open files: ...) created by hmo-tinyerp
We are using buildbot since few months to test our operation. but we see …


20:24 Ticket #589 (maximum runtime timeout) closed by bhearsum
20:15 Ticket #396 (Older builds) closed by bhearsum
fixed: We've got this on at least the /builders/$builder, /buildslaves/$slave, …
10:00 Ticket #579 (Resubmitted builds do not include properties set by Triggers) closed by bhearsum
fixed: I pushed the patch after a quick review from djmitche: …
00:48 Ticket #494 (New BonsaiPoller test case) closed by bhearsum
00:45 Ticket #457 (builder pages (and maybe others?) should be able to display historical ...) closed by bhearsum
fixed: I think this is mostly done. Specifics can be tracked in specific bugs, I …
00:43 Ticket #197 (show version number of buildslave buildbot code) closed by bhearsum
fixed: I pushed a patch for this just now: …
00:09 Ticket #471 (Custom Force Page, Default parameters for WithProperties) closed by bhearsum
duplicate: This is largely duplicate functionality of #365. I'm going to resolve this …
00:04 Ticket #364 (Maximum amount of stdout data in a buildslave) closed by bhearsum
fixed: This got done recently: …


23:58 Ticket #125 (builders on the waterfall forget about their builds after a setupBuild ...) closed by bhearsum
worksforme: I don't think this is an issue anymore.
23:57 Ticket #99 (Change BuildMaster UI so it can "cancel queued jobs") closed by bhearsum
fixed: This got resolved awhile ago by Catlee: …
23:54 Ticket #365 (Input of custom properties on web force page) closed by bhearsum
fixed: Thanks for the patch, dwlocks, I committed it: …


21:25 Ticket #620 (Web status pages should use HtmlResource.footer) created by dwlocks
There's a TODO in the code about templating the foooter. It's already …


09:48 Ticket #74 (Detect warnings in Compile and Test steps (revised)) reopened by umesh4
Doesn't look like the e-mail sending logic part of this (mail.py) has been …
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