08:49 Ticket #428 (ability to run shellCommand based on a conditional property) created by mook
It would be nice if I could skip commands (or build steps in general?) …
07:04 Ticket #218 (win32 installs a buildbot.bat that points to the wrong version of python) closed by dustin
fixed: […] […]


21:16 Ticket #353 (Missing "got_revision" property ends up with value of 'None' instead of ...) closed by dustin
21:08 Ticket #156 (sometimes builders get stuck for no obviously discernable reason) closed by dustin
20:45 Ticket #361 (Suppress env printing in the logs) closed by dustin
20:34 Ticket #327 (Git VC slave command neglects to fetch non-branch-head tags) closed by dustin
fixed: Looks good […]
20:18 Ticket #345 (SKIPPED is missing in buildbot/status/web/base.py and can cause exception) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
20:07 Ticket #257 (easy_install buildbot fails on win32) closed by dustin
fixed: I think this got committed, right?
20:00 Ticket #372 (Add ATOM and RSS feeds to webstatus) closed by dustin
fixed: […] (got the ticket number wrong in that last commit, but oh well)
19:50 Ticket #294 (Builds are started in random order) closed by dustin
invalid: Starting builders randomly helps with load balancing, and looks fine in …
19:47 Ticket #287 (I wish I could Mail-Notify the admin of the buildslave when a problem ...) closed by dustin
invalid: just add yourself to extraRecipients
19:14 Ticket #264 (i wish for a "Force Build All" button) closed by dustin
fixed: There are no buttons on the welcome page (it's static HTML)
19:09 Ticket #84 (add 'buildbot showconf' tool, like 'postconf' from postfix) closed by dustin
wontfix: This wouldn't really apply in 1.0 anyway.
19:08 Ticket #82 ('buildbot debugclient' should show name of buildmaster it connected to) closed by dustin
wontfix: I don't know if/whether debugclient is still working at this point. I …
19:07 Ticket #21 (use Foolscap for network connections) closed by dustin
wontfix: This sounds fine, but I assume, given the age of the bug, that it's not …
18:57 Ticket #349 (pressing the ping button on the web interface causes the slave to be ...) closed by dustin
duplicate: yep, dupe of #85, but this one has a fix!
18:50 Ticket #297 ('buildbot reconfig' loses running builds) closed by dustin
18:49 Ticket #285 (MailNotifier: mode to handle SVN failures) closed by dustin
wontfix: MailNotifier? is fairly late in the chain to be filtering such things. A …
18:47 Ticket #274 (when 'buildbot reconfig' removes a connected builders' slave, '[slavename] ...) closed by dustin
wontfix: waterfall's deprecated :)
18:37 Ticket #183 (Mail notifier should include step description on failure) closed by dustin
fixed: Don't know - that would be a good question for the mailing list.
18:36 Ticket #173 (PBListener: inconsistent usernames between debug GUI and PBListener) closed by dustin
wontfix: PBListener is for reporting new changes. DebugPerspective? is for the …
18:34 Ticket #88 (steps which start within a few seconds of each other show as same start ...) closed by dustin
18:30 Ticket #363 (OS-X: how does one use launchd to start a buildbot?) closed by dustin
worksforme: so, the wiki page is OK as it stands?
18:29 Ticket #354 (Buildbot configuration issue) closed by dustin
invalid: check on the mailing list if this is still a problem.
18:28 Ticket #206 (put copies of old user manuals online) closed by dustin
duplicate: #408
18:24 Ticket #358 (leverage maxRotatedFiles in twisted logfile) closed by dustin
duplicate: #108
18:19 Ticket #321 (branch option should accept *) closed by dustin
wontfix: use categories.
18:16 Ticket #288 (Enhance flexibility to merge build requests) closed by dustin
duplicate: see Axel's work in #415
18:09 Ticket #245 (information representation issue: indicate columnwise organization of ...) closed by dustin
wontfix: or we could just deprecate the waterfall :)
18:06 Ticket #204 (Have an uber-cool view for buildbot) closed by dustin
duplicate: this is a dupe of the grid view, AFAICT
18:00 Ticket #199 (BuildStep to run unit tests from installed packages instead of source tree) closed by dustin
wontfix: This sounds like a pretty purpose-specific buildstep. In fact, I would …
17:48 Ticket #97 (Use svn switch to improve efficiency) closed by dustin
wontfix: You write: An 'svn switch' of a working copy containing unversioned files …
17:45 Ticket #406 (Buildbot 0.79 could not using "Scheduler Scheduler" with perforce) closed by dustin
17:43 Ticket #395 (when i change the vcs executable, buildslave stops being able to invoke it ...) closed by dustin
invalid: I don't really know how Stow works, but I'm guessing this is some …
17:39 Ticket #383 (missing chunks from waterfall display) closed by dustin
wontfix: Waterfall is deprecated at this point. Please reopen if these builds do …
17:38 Ticket #382 (unsupported format character ']' (0x5d) in mail notifier) closed by dustin
invalid: Python's formatting requires a format character after the close …
17:35 Ticket #367 (buildbot sighup fails if a LockAccess object is used instead of a Lock ...) closed by dustin
invalid: You should not use a LockAccess? object, then!
17:20 Ticket #351 (change history lost if master crashes) closed by dustin
duplicate: I forgot the other ticket here, but this is a dupe and should be fixed …
17:13 Ticket #325 (unversioned files with buildbot) closed by dustin
wontfix: Yep, that's the right answer.
17:12 Ticket #324 (how can i add arguments to a source.SVN instance) closed by dustin
duplicate: #41
17:09 Ticket #316 (scripts/logwatcher.py:48: PotentialZombieWarning) closed by dustin
15:15 Ticket #393 (New build step for uploading directories from slave to master: ...) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
15:08 Ticket #255 (Immediate SIGHUP on slave commands, but not with with 'usepty=0' or ...) closed by dustin
fixed: This is related to #158 and #198. The original bug here has been fixed.
15:02 Ticket #307 (SVNPoller requires "author" name in svn commit log) closed by dustin
fixed: […]


12:01 Ticket #427 (Gracefully shutdown slaves) created by catlee
It would be useful to be able to shutdown a slave from the master when the …


07:42 Ticket #425 (haltOnFailure should not imply flunkOnFailure) closed by bhearsum
fixed: Pushed a fix for this in: …
00:49 Ticket #426 (Build ETA calculation is wrong) created by starswan
With a 2-step build process (the second of which is a 60 second sleep) …


10:36 Ticket #255 (Immediate SIGHUP on slave commands, but not with with 'usepty=0' or ...) reopened by pv
I see a similar problem with SVN(..., mode='copy'), in the 'cp -R -P -p' …
10:32 Ticket #425 (haltOnFailure should not imply flunkOnFailure) created by bhearsum
In our case, we have a Builder that runs a sequence of tests. When certain …


04:29 Ticket #192 (Buildslave fails to timely detect command completion and hangs for 10-20 ...) reopened by hans
What is the "relevant bug" and why is this one "invalid"?


20:43 Ticket #7 (evaluate Mercurial for the trac repo) closed by dustin
20:37 Ticket #306 (triggers documentation errors) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
20:31 Ticket #291 (example for branch in scheduler) closed by dustin
20:29 Ticket #290 (Buildbot's SVNPoller requires a recent SVN, but doesn't say so...) closed by dustin
wontfix: Given svn 1.5 is out now, I think this is probably moot.
20:26 Ticket #272 (contrib/windows/setup.py has old path to classic.css) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
20:24 Ticket #269 (remoteFailed doesn't end the build step?) closed by dustin
invalid: Old bug, dead links .. is there something to do here? (reopen if so)
20:22 Ticket #260 (words.IRC fails to report the right URL for builders) closed by dustin
fixed: Fixed a while back […]
20:17 Ticket #256 (commands fail on win32 if the %COMSPEC% env variable is defined with ...) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
20:13 Ticket #235 (mercurial export still broken for older hg) closed by dustin
fixed: Hg has been significantly rewritten. Is this still failing? Please …
20:10 Ticket #224 (perforce client -i hangs on cygwin) closed by dustin
wontfix: eesh, dunno, but I bet it's cygwin's fault :(
20:04 Ticket #223 (darcs_buildbot.py: RuntimeError: unable to find our most recent change in ...) closed by dustin
19:58 Ticket #207 ("offline" should not be red) closed by dustin
fixed:  http://www.w3schools.com/css/css_colornames.asp sez it's "Gray". […]
19:54 Ticket #202 (changes.pck always get trucated when Buildbot running) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
19:16 Ticket #192 (Buildslave fails to timely detect command completion and hangs for 10-20 ...) closed by dustin
invalid: exarkun marked the relevant bug as invalid, so I'm assuming this is …
19:06 Ticket #168 (svn permissions error leads to failed svn checkout step) closed by dustin
duplicate: This got fixed in #140, as far as I can tell.
19:00 Ticket #368 (IRC bot can notify me by default) closed by dustin
fixed: merged
18:37 Ticket #166 (web traceback viewing buildbot.status.web.builder.StatusResourceBuilder) closed by dustin
fixed: apparently a dupe: […]
18:34 Ticket #165 (buildbot.steps.python_twisted.Trial class docstring talks about long-since ...) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
18:33 Ticket #163 (0.7.3 slave ShellCommand not compatible with 0.7.6 master) closed by dustin
wontfix: I'm thinking that this has probably "aged out" -- I haven't heard of …
18:30 Ticket #157 (Sometimes history doesn't appear on the waterfall display) closed by dustin
worksforme: That shouldn't happen, and doesn't for most of us.. maybe corruption of …
18:25 Ticket #155 (ping button makes builder get stuck until master is restarted) closed by dustin
duplicate: I'm going to assume, in the absence of more info, that this is a dupe of …
18:23 Ticket #153 (No way to specify categories to waterfall child of WebStatus) closed by dustin
wontfix: The argument against this patch in 0.7.x is that the web pages are …
18:15 Ticket #143 (trac changeset browser won't give unified diff) closed by dustin
16:14 Ticket #352 (buildbot.process.buildstep.RemoteShellCommand.__repr__ fails if command is ...) closed by dustin
fixed: Agreed, and I just pulled rbosetti's patch to fix this.
16:09 Ticket #421 (Triggerable example code is missing an assignment) closed by dustin
fixed: thanks! The last three should be nightly_factory. I fixed it :)
15:59 Ticket #123 (svn uses co not up when using mode='update') closed by dustin
15:43 Ticket #329 (trying to delete temporary directory before closing config file in ...) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
15:39 Ticket #424 (add 'categories' to all schedulers, all change sources) created by dustin
a follow-on to #182, this 'categories' notion should be universal.
15:30 Ticket #182 (ChangeSources should accept a 'category' option so they can be associated ...) closed by dustin
fixed: […] (I'm going to add a bit more documentation, but this looks great)
12:13 Ticket #304 (Harmful maintenance advice in section 2.9 of the user manual) closed by nhemingway
duplicate: Duplicates #413
12:03 Ticket #311 (IRC bot should have a mode where you can ask for all reports to be ...) closed by nhemingway


16:37 Ticket #423 (Duplicate code for rendering Buildbot/project links at the bottom of every ...) created by gward
I just noticed that code like this: […] is repeated in several modules …
14:11 Ticket #422 ([PATCH] Status reporting to twitter) created by marijn
Wanted to contribute a enhancement for status reporting that I wrote. It …


18:27 Ticket #421 (Triggerable example code is missing an assignment) created by jkugler
In …


12:22 Ticket #39 (reconfig reports incorrect changes between locks) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
10:48 Ticket #19 (default/sample config should use SVNPoller) closed by dustin
wontfix: This doesn't seem to cause new users any trouble..
10:16 Ticket #14 (master.cfg.d) closed by dustin
wontfix: I think that, if we're going to support multi-file configs better than …
10:14 Ticket #9 (master.cfg should define names rather than keys in a single named ...) closed by dustin
wontfix: One-oh has a whole new way of doing config, so this won't change in 0.7.*
10:10 Ticket #131 (Exception in a TreeSize command) closed by dustin
fixed: Seems to be fixed.
08:07 Ticket #210 (FileUpload/FileDownload blow up if 'workdir' is a WithProperties object) closed by dustin
fixed: Sorry, I missed that! […]
07:56 Ticket #209 (FileUpload/FileDownload do not support setDefaultWorkdir()) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
06:50 Ticket #54 (mangled CVS checkouts because of -d and no -N) closed by dustin
wontfix: It sounds like this is going to change existing, desired behavior. If I …
06:28 Ticket #380 (Update hgbuildbot.py to work with later hg versions) closed by dustin
fixed: Great -- djc, if there's still work to do here, please reopen, but on …


15:23 Ticket #152 (links on waterfall page generated incorrectly) closed by dustin
fixed: Similar to #151, inter-page linking has improved a lot, using relative …
15:22 Ticket #151 (buildbot.css link on waterfall page generated incorrectly) closed by dustin
fixed: This is working now, thanks to the magic of templates: […]
07:18 Ticket #65 (handle mercurial in-repository branches) closed by dustin
fixed: Marcus says this is done - yay!
07:18 Ticket #185 (mercurial in-repo branches are not handled properly from hgbuildbot) closed by dustin
fixed: […]


09:14 Ticket #415 (Merging of buildrequests should be configurable) closed by dustin
fixed: […] Thanks!


15:41 Ticket #20 (bb_applet needs restart, configuration dialog) closed by dustin
wontfix: I haven't heard any complaints about this, so until/unless someone steps …
15:31 Ticket #145 (Patch: split OneLineMixin.make_line) closed by dustin
fixed: […]
15:27 Ticket #81 (better branch handling) closed by dustin
wontfix: branch handling will be totally revamped in 1.0..
15:07 Ticket #340 (Git.startVC overrides the default branch setting even if branch argument ...) closed by dustin
fixed: No complaints about this in 0.7.9..
15:01 Ticket #249 (git_buildbot.py does not send merge changesets) closed by dustin
fixed: applied back in april: […]
14:57 Ticket #215 (log the usage of shutil.copytree() instead of a cp subprocess) closed by dustin
fixed: applied.
14:42 Ticket #146 (addLogObserver examples in the manual must be updated) closed by dustin
fixed: applied
14:22 Ticket #91 (Mac OSX buildbot slave confused by "cvs" on path) closed by dustin
14:20 Ticket #77 (Better way for python to kill subprocesses on win32?) closed by dustin
fixed: It *sounds* like this is fixed, or should be, in Twisted. Please re-open …
14:01 Ticket #104 (adding branch= to the waterfall is expensive) closed by dustin
fixed: Waterfall is going to be removed/replaced.


10:37 Ticket #420 (slash not escaped in url links when builder name contains slash inside) created by arekm
When using builder names with slash inside like builderNames=["PLD/Linux …


15:29 Ticket #190 (ShellCommand on batch-files on windows do no retrieve error level ...) closed by dustin
15:27 Ticket #407 ({{{darcs_buildbot}}} uses {{{.encode('ascii')}}, but ...) closed by dustin
08:10 Ticket #289 (Nightly build only if source changes functionality needed) closed by dustin
fixed: Claude submitted a patch for this on the mailing list, and it just went in …


11:04 Ticket #366 (process/base.py limits step name incrementing to 100 times) closed by dustin
fixed: I don't know if there's a good reason for the limit, but ben's patch looks …
11:01 Ticket #26 (compress buildstep logs) closed by dustin
fixed: Lookin' good. The only thing I see is that in BuildMaster?, known_keys …


10:54 Ticket #399 (vc_test.py does not cleanup successfully on Vista (64-bit)) closed by marcusl
worksforme: Actually, I'm successfully running tests on a clone of dustin's …
10:39 Ticket #418 ([patch] Git version testing fails for rc-type version numbers) closed by dustin
fixed: committed - thanks!
10:37 Ticket #277 (fix mercurial checkouts w/ revision) closed by even
fixed: Ok. That's why this one is failing. It can't just be applied on #187. But …
07:57 Ticket #175 (support for custom MailNotifier messages) closed by bhearsum


13:24 Ticket #419 (No tests for buildbot.changes.hgbuildbot.py ?) created by marcusl
As we did some changes to add support for inrepo branches, it is probably …
04:37 Ticket #418 ([patch] Git version testing fails for rc-type version numbers) created by marcusl
My 'git --version' output is currently: {{{git version …
04:34 Ticket #417 ([patch] Test_vc.py runs .cmd files directly which doesn't always work on ...) created by marcusl
I added this to BaseHelper.runCommand, which makes the tests work sligtly …


09:10 Ticket #392 (set_properties function of Trigger broken) closed by dustin
fixed: committed
09:10 Ticket #229 (Build properties "revision" and "got_revision" not populated for P4) closed by dustin
fixed: committed (in modified form) as a patch by jgraff: …
09:10 Ticket #127 (got_revision not tracked for perforce) closed by dustin
fixed: solved by a patch by jgraff: …


21:12 Ticket #187 (named branches in mercurial step are not supported) closed by dustin
fixed: mreged -- thanks for hanging in there!
15:17 Ticket #334 (when builds are pending on multiple builders, buildbot gives priority to ...) closed by dustin
fixed: ok, this is committed, along with a unit test. thanks!


18:04 Ticket #405 (Permit mixed mode user names/email addresses for ...) closed by dustin
fixed: Created commit 32a0182: (fixes #405) Permit mixed mode user names/email …
18:02 Ticket #404 (build properties not available from AnyBranchScheduler) closed by dustin
fixed: fixed in 688ada73
18:01 Ticket #403 (Dependent schedulers triggered twice after each upstream successful build) closed by dustin
fixed: This got fixed in c223f8
17:56 Ticket #411 (Irc cannot pass status from bot, error: Data must not be unicode) closed by dustin
fixed: fixed - thanks
17:49 Ticket #413 (Sample crontab maintenance script will delete files in ...) closed by dustin
fixed: […] should work better -- patch committed.
17:40 Ticket #416 (Slaves build be sorted by slave name on /buildslaves page) closed by dustin
fixed: committed
11:11 Ticket #280 (Use convertTime in IRC status command) closed by dustin
11:11 Ticket #250 (tail -F command breaks buildbot on OpenBSD) closed by dustin
fixed: We'll try it. If there are more problems, we'll need to find another .. …


18:01 Ticket #35 (reconfig doesn't pick up new dependent schedulers) closed by dustin
17:56 Ticket #375 (IRCContact.buildFinished being called with 2 arguments) closed by dustin
fixed: agreed
12:13 Ticket #381 (successToFailed and failedToSuccess do not work with IRC) closed by dustin
fixed: committed
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