14:50 Ticket #181 (hgbuildbot fails to signal merges properly causing incorrect builds) closed by dustin
fixed: ok, it's in :)
13:04 Ticket #277 (fix mercurial checkouts w/ revision) reopened by dustin
Actually, this change is failing tests on my system, so I've reverted it …


07:18 Ticket #277 (fix mercurial checkouts w/ revision) closed by dustin
fixed: nope, thanks


21:12 Ticket #315 (MailNotifier sends multiple copies of the same email) closed by dustin
fixed: merged in my branch
21:09 Ticket #179 (buildbot shows wrong $PWD in environment variables) closed by dustin
fixed: in my branch.
21:05 Ticket #154 (No way to specify http request log file used by WebStatus) closed by dustin
fixed: merged (by hand) to my branch. Please try to post unified diffs in …
20:58 Ticket #186 (mercurial checkouts should separate clone and update) closed by dustin
fixed: added to my branch.
19:49 Ticket #317 (more flexibility for BuildFactory's) closed by dustin
fixed: patch is committed to my branch
19:04 Ticket #357 (The IRC bot claims to understand notify on successToFailed, but the error ...) closed by dustin
19:04 Ticket #346 (An upgrade to the perl module Test::Harness has invalidated ...) closed by dustin
19:04 Ticket #330 (Call to getResult instead of getResults in Contact) closed by dustin
fixed: merged to my branch
18:45 Ticket #370 (Update setup.py to follow pep8) closed by dustin
fixed: merged to my branch


14:54 Ticket #407 ({{{darcs_buildbot}}} uses {{{.encode('ascii')}}, but ...) created by zooko
I committed a darcs patch written by François Deppierraz. The …


20:06 Ticket #406 (Buildbot 0.79 could not using "Scheduler Scheduler" with perforce) created by kkdai
Dear Team, I found Buildbot could not using "Scheduler Scheduler" but work …
12:17 Ticket #405 (Permit mixed mode user names/email addresses for ...) created by maruel
Don't add self.domain if 'name' already contains a '@'. Useful when …
06:24 UsingLaunchd edited by vuori
Change to an example plist which runs buildbot in foreground to play nicer … (diff)


09:01 Ticket #404 (build properties not available from AnyBranchScheduler) created by grondo
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 17:04:45 -0800 To: …
08:53 Ticket #403 (Dependent schedulers triggered twice after each upstream successful build) created by grondo
We've been using buildbot for automated builds for awhile now, and I've …


12:11 Ticket #402 (Sort files in changes view) created by marcusl
Some vcs:s (svn for example) do not sort the files list in changes, making …
11:14 Ticket #401 ([patch] contrib/windowsbuildbot.bat that is python-version agnostic) created by marcusl
This single line should make things work: […] %~dp0 resolved to the …


05:59 Ticket #400 (All testTry in test_vc.py fail on windows with git's patch.exe) created by marcusl
Somehow, the patches are rejected (hunk failed) regardless of VC (cvs, …


16:23 Ticket #399 (vc_test.py does not cleanup successfully on Vista (64-bit)) created by marcusl
There are files left (_trial_temp + foo) and when rerunning some tests …
14:39 Ticket #398 ([patch] Test_vc.py fails on windows if there are spaces in path to vc-exes) created by marcusl
This is because many test suites use a single string as argument, relying …


15:14 Ticket #100 (Builder should be able to take a 'env' argument that applies to all ...) closed by dustin
fixed:  http://repo.or.cz/w/buildbot.git?a=commit;h=fa908fee3f8ceac913646f4133321db
15:14 Ticket #313 (improve docs: Adding exclusive access mode to Locks) closed by dustin
fixed:  http://repo.or.cz/w/buildbot.git?a=commit;h=e952c40d2b916e71b1a497d3902bdd1


15:49 Ticket #397 (mercurial hgbuildbot has issue with installing signal handlers) created by xyld
[…] A fix would be to turn off twisted install of signal handlers. …
05:05 Ticket #396 (Older builds) created by zooko
The builder page, e.g. …


19:39 Ticket #395 (when i change the vcs executable, buildslave stops being able to invoke it ...) created by zooko
It seems like if I run: […] Then all my buildslaves subsequently …
19:28 Ticket #236 (show elapsed time for steps) closed by zooko
fixed: This is in the current buildbot release. I think Brian fixed the unit …


11:34 Ticket #394 (I want buildbot to repeatedly notify the person responsible for the build ...) created by mmacvicar
I want buildbot to repeatedly notify the person responsible for the build …


06:13 Ticket #393 (New build step for uploading directories from slave to master: ...) created by mue
As mentioned on the mailing list (27. November 2008), I've made an …


19:33 Ticket #392 (set_properties function of Trigger broken) created by finnan
This is a relatively straightforward problem (and fix). When using the …


04:30 Ticket #391 (Problem with "WithProperties") closed by markfink
invalid: sorry for this spam! I used "got_revision" for my forced builds and it …
03:35 Ticket #391 (Problem with "WithProperties") created by markfink
Hi there, I use buildbot 0.79. The manual says that one should open …
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