09:52 Ticket #298 (mercurial changegroup.buildbot hook breaks with hg 1.0) created by neomantra
When transitioning from mercurial 0.9.5 to 1.0, the changegroup.buildbot …


07:35 Ticket #228 (Create extra test steps for Perl modules) reopened by dustin
Well, if they're specific to the step, would any other part of the build …


14:31 SuccessStories edited by zooko
add darcs buildbot (diff)


13:34 Installer edited by jedi
Adding a note that these links don't provide installers or src for … (diff)


07:21 Ticket #297 ('buildbot reconfig' loses running builds) created by dan
I have buildbot set up to automatically update its own configuration from …
06:55 Ticket #296 (should have a way of running builds after X seconds of idle) created by bhearsum
Personally, I feel that the Periodic scheduler should behave this way by …


21:12 Ticket #295 (Got exception when upgrade from 0.7.6 to 0.7.7) created by wangvisual
Here's the log: […] Here's the change which cause this exception: …


08:41 Ticket #294 (Builds are started in random order) created by dan
From BotMaster?: def maybeStartAllBuilds(self): for b in …


16:22 Ticket #293 (AMF webstatus) created by thijs
The Adobe Flash Player is the main application that uses the …
03:30 Ticket #292 (Buildbot generates incorrect waterfall xhtml) created by DevUrandom
Buildbot claims to produce xhtml 1.0 strict, but at least the waterfall …


02:58 Ticket #291 (example for branch in scheduler) created by robert
Hi! In Http://buildbot.net/repos/release/docs/buildbot.html#Schedulers is …
02:30 Ticket #290 (Buildbot's SVNPoller requires a recent SVN, but doesn't say so...) created by spurkis
Hiya, Tis is a minor bug that may bite others: I've been seeing this in …


06:26 Ticket #289 (Nightly build only if source changes functionality needed) created by gayv
In the context of our projects, to provide functionality compatible to …


17:07 Ticket #228 (Create extra test steps for Perl modules) closed by dustin
fixed: OK, I fixed up the tests ({g,s}etStepProperty -> {g,s}etProperty) and …
16:52 Ticket #72 (Web Status: Grid) closed by dustin
fixed: this is in brian's tree
16:52 Ticket #227 (New "scheduler" property in process.base.Build) closed by dustin
fixed: this is in brian's tree
16:52 Ticket #140 (SVN.parseGotRevision(): refactor to allow greater customization) closed by dustin
fixed: this is in brian's tree
16:51 Ticket #107 (Build should not be considered "started" when it is waiting for a ...) closed by dustin
fixed: this is in the tree
16:50 Ticket #261 (SVNPoller fails to recognise a branch deletion) closed by dustin
fixed: pushed to brian's tree
16:45 Ticket #171 (Notify build events) closed by dustin
fixed: pushed to brian's tree
16:43 Ticket #232 (New Step to run a command on the client and gather the output to a ...) closed by dustin
fixed: pushed to brian's tree


15:46 Ticket #270 (Support multiple change sources) closed by dustin
03:05 Ticket #288 (Enhance flexibility to merge build requests) created by Pike
In some circumstances, one wants or needs more control over how build …


13:27 Ticket #287 (I wish I could Mail-Notify the admin of the buildslave when a problem ...) created by zooko
I wish I could Mail-Notify the admin of the buildslave when a problem …


21:00 Ticket #87 (Addition of build input properties to BuildBot (a.k.a. custom build ...) closed by dustin
fixed: OK, we've got quite a CC list now. I put this in my "tobrian" tree to …
12:02 Ticket #286 (.buildbot/options not picking up username etc for sendchange) created by gregb
Have been setting up buildbot (am a new user, on win32, locally hosting …


13:20 Ticket #285 (MailNotifier: mode to handle SVN failures) created by stefanv
Our buildbot runs on a troublesome network, where slaves often fail to …
11:26 Ticket #264 (i wish for a "Force Build All" button) closed by zooko
fixed: Oh! Such a feature already exists, on the "one line per build" page: …
03:01 Ticket #284 (svn checkout (any mode) fails to remove build directory) created by unwesen
I've upgraded to Ubunty Hardy which upgrades buildbot from 0.7.5 to 0.7.6. …


21:00 Ticket #195 (Add functions to the xmlrpc server) closed by dustin
fixed: This is completely merged to brian's tree now.
20:59 Ticket #234 (allow shell-style interpolations via WithProperties) closed by dustin
duplicate: merging with #87, since the patch is there
20:25 Ticket #282 (Remove shebang lines from source files) closed by dustin
fixed: applied in #282:remove-shebang.patch, in both the dev tree and trunk.
19:42 Ticket #283 (buildslave information disappears when buildslave is off-line) created by zooko
When the buildslave is off-line is sometimes when you *most* need to learn …
14:29 Ticket #282 (Remove shebang lines from source files) created by giallu
The attached patch come from the Fedora package and strips #! lines from …


12:43 Ticket #281 (git tests fail if user's git prefs aren't set) created by dustin


05:52 Ticket #280 (Use convertTime in IRC status command) created by thijs
Currently the "status" command for the buildbot IRC user returns something …


15:17 Ticket #279 (clean up argument parsing in Step constructors) created by dustin
from #232, Pike asked me to file a bug to fix up argument parsing in Step …
10:53 Ticket #278 (enhanced /buildslaves page) created by bhearsum
This is a short patch I wrote to make the /buildslaves WebStatus? page a …
06:31 Ticket #277 (fix mercurial checkouts w/ revision) created by bhearsum
Mercurial checkouts that specify a revision *always* clobber. This is …


13:44 Ticket #276 (mode=copy should not copy unversioned files (and use VC-specific commands)) created by Almad
mode=copy should use VC-specific commands, archieving higher speed and …


08:12 Ticket #275 (Buildbot marks failing tests as successful) created by thijs
We have a couple of Django-related unit tests in our project that fail but …
04:50 Ticket #274 (when 'buildbot reconfig' removes a connected builders' slave, '[slavename] ...) created by bhearsum
03:35 RunningBuildbotOnWindows edited by Almad
03:22 Ticket #273 (contrib/windows/setup.py does not create fully working ...) created by marcusl
While it creates working buildbot.exe, and the buildbot_serivce.exe works …
02:54 Ticket #272 (contrib/windows/setup.py has old path to classic.css) created by marcusl
The following line should have "web" in it as follows, so that classic.css …[…]


18:56 Ticket #271 (pretty-print argv, environment) closed by dustin
duplicate: er, already solved, sorry
18:51 Ticket #271 (pretty-print argv, environment) created by dustin
I don't like having to scroll horizontally to see my environment and …
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