19:11 Ticket #98 (let darcs_buildbot send a branch) created by keturn
darcs_buildbot should have some way of specifying a branch when it sends …


07:20 Ticket #97 (Use svn switch to improve efficiency) created by retracile
The SVN operation uses svn update, and deletes its working copy if the …


13:55 Ticket #96 (IrcStatusBot gets exceptions.AttributeError when reporting on builder that ...) created by clepple
I have two builders on one host, and they share a slave lock to serialize …
13:29 Ticket #95 (better ETA display on waterfall) created by TedMielczarek
I got tired of looking at "building ETA in 15043 secs at 20:22:26", so I …
11:40 Ticket #94 (allow TinderboxMailNotifier to specify an errorparser) created by TedMielczarek
I've got a small patch to allow the TinderboxMailNotifier? to specify an …
01:59 Ticket #93 (Remove pending jobs) created by albertHofkamp
In our project the same build was accidentally requested twice by means of …


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installation instructions for Fink (diff)
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16:00 Ticket #92 (DuplicateHandle failed on Cygwin) created by joduinn
...instead it just displayed in the DOS console running buildbot. For …
13:58 Ticket #91 (Mac OSX buildbot slave confused by "cvs" on path) created by joduinn
When a Mac OSX buildbot slave runs cvs, it behaves differently if a …


07:37 Ticket #90 (Make bonsaipoller ignore funkyness in xml output for empy log messages) created by Pike
Bonsai's XML output doesn't collect check-ins with not check in message, …


12:18 Ticket #89 (make TinderboxMailNotifier respect 'builders' arg) created by bhearsum


11:41 Ticket #88 (steps which start within a few seconds of each other show as same start ...) created by joduinn
We have configured scheduler2, scheduler3 defined to be dependent on …
09:24 Ticket #87 (Addition of build input properties to BuildBot (a.k.a. custom build ...) created by rochg
This ticket covers adding build input properties to BuildBot. These …
07:52 Ticket #86 (Copy mode on FreeBSD leaves symlinks in Subversion in "~" state) created by petec
(I sent the following as an email to the mailing list last Sunday but it …


14:31 Ticket #85 (sometimes buildmaster does not hand pending jobs to the idle slave, even ...) created by joduinn
We occaisionally hit a problem where: * buildmaster sees buildslave …


12:49 Ticket #84 (add 'buildbot showconf' tool, like 'postconf' from postfix) created by warner
The Postfix MTA (www.postfix.org) has a tool called 'postconf' which will …


23:12 Ticket #73 (deal with link spammers) reopened by warner
Nope, not high enough. A creep using the username 'baker' created an …


01:22 Ticket #69 (add meta refresh tag to waterfall page) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed, in [0d1a2a65d8bd6d9c765e2bccd0d1e5a84e07eb3a]. Add a reload=60 …


19:00 Ticket #83 (ability to force steps) created by rhelmer
It would be really useful to have the ability to force individual steps …
12:47 Ticket #31 (darcs_buildbot.py ignores file moves) closed by warner
fixed: Fixed by [8a159333afe5401ab3aaae6457d36490292c05f0] : I changed the …
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sf.net bugtrackers are legacy now (diff)
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11:56 BuildbotAndTrac created by warner
describe ways to combine buildbot and trac, beyond the nascent TracPlugin
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move non-plugin Buildbot+Trac stuff to BuildbotAndTrac (diff)
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add NavAddPlugin? suggestion, update trac-plugin branch location (diff)
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