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    • Property Summary changed from Try should capture and send e-mail address of the submitter so that notifications can be sent to Replace try with a client for the force scheduler
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    initial v8  
    1 That way, a "try-builder" can be configured to always send notfications so that each try-submitter knows how the build went.
     1We have a "try" client defined which looks for a patch in a local repository on a developer's system, patches it up, and submits it to Buildbot.  It's very ad-hoc, isn't very configurable, and hasn't gotten a lot of love.
     3Now that we have a force scheduler, the better solution is for the try client to talk to a force scheduler, preferably using HTTP.  The client should also capture and send e-mail address of the submitter so that notifications can be sent.
     5This allows lots of flexibility on the master side: users can set up as many force schedulers as they like, with different builders, properties, permissions, and so on.
     7To make this project a summer's worth, it should aim to implement:
     8 * a new try client
     9 * improved support for DVCS's, where patches aren't required, but where the client must send a repository
     10 * protocol support in or for the force scheduler
     11 * per-scheduler authentication/authorization
     12 * migration information for users of the existing try functionality