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Show total tests run in summary page

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The waterfall page currently shows number of tests passed, number of todos, number of skips etc

It should also show a total number of tests run.

This would be good because:

  • It will make import errors more obvious
  • It allows you to confirm that the same number of

tests are being run across all platforms

  • It allows you to easily confirm that the tests you

added have actually been added. etc

Jonathan Lange <jml@…>

Submitted: Nobody/Anonymous? ( nobody ) - 2005-10-05 08:13

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2007-01-28 06:02

Sender: warner

yeah, sounds like a good idea. The way to implement this is in each buildstep's getText2() method, which returns a list of short strings. Each string returned by this method will be appended to the overall build description, which gets placed in the top-most box on the waterfall page.

The steps I've written so far only add "bad" information to this list: tests failed or maybe warnings. It would be easy to change it to add "good" information as well, like tests passed.

I'm a bit hesitant to make that the default though.. I'm not sure if more people would prefer terseness at the top of the page, or more detail.

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I think that *getting* this information is a part of a larger, and presently rather incoherent, project to collect accurate information about test results and summarize that within and across builds.

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