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create single-file distribution of buildbot-worker

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Looking at docker-compose and other projects it should be possible to create working single-binary distribution of Python program using PyInstaller.

Issues to consider:

  • Binary for Windows.
  • Build process for all supported platforms (Linux 32/64, Windows 32/64, other unices?)
  • All native extensions from Twisted + TLS related should be build and included.

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I made proof-of-concept for building and using single-file buildbot-worker using PyInstaller.

Here is gist with instructions and scripts to build buildbot-worker file:


Single-file buildbot-worker (9.4 MB).

buildbot-worker's create-worker, start, stop, restart commands works.

How it works?

Here is PyInstaller's description: In short, it unpacks to temporary directory all shared objects on each run. This means slower start than normal buildbot-worker. On my system:

# normal
$ time buildbot-worker > /dev/null

real    0m0.125s
user    0m0.092s
sys     0m0.028s

# single-file packaged by PyInstaller:
$ time ./buildbot-worker  > /dev/null

real    0m0.307s
user    0m0.252s
sys     0m0.048s

I don't think this difference is significant in practice.

(overcomed) problems building single-file buildbot-worker

  1. PyInstaller doesn't work with entry points: . Workaround: create temporary script that imports and runs it.
  1. PyInstaller can't package stock zope.interface.

This issue arised several times on PyInstaller's bugtracker as resolved, maybe I missed something. To workaround issue with zope.interface I convert it from "namespace package" to "normal" package by creating in zope directory.

  1. Buildbot-worker loads some packages lazily using reflection.

For example it all command line commands lazily. This can be workarounded by explicitly listing all required Python modules.

What's next?

What's next?

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