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remove master logic from slave/buildslave/scripts/ or unify implementation in master and worker

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Description in master and slave source directories are almost same, but in slave has logic which should made to be usable in master and worker implementations.

I think we should:

1) either remove "master" logic from in worker code and treat in master and worker as independed modules.

2) or use exactly same in master and worker sources, with support of master and worker logic.

What approach is better?

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comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by rutsky

BTW, this line is incorrect for about 5 years:

        if "Creating BuildSlave" in line:
            self.processtype = "buildslave"

(since this commit), and in worker generates BuildmasterTimeoutError instead BuildslaveTimeoutError, but this doesn't bother anyone, because both exceptions are handled in worker code:

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