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Run in Travis and metabuildbot

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We currently have three ways of running the "tests" for Buildbot:

These all use slightly different versions of various tools, and check slightly different things.

Part of the reason for that is that we want to break things up differently in the three places: common/ is meant to run quickly to look at a range of revisions (so it doesn't run lint on all files, just the files that have changed, for example). Travis is meant to validate a whole commit (and can take longer). Metabuildbot wants to break the validation process into separate builders.

Recently, we switched from pyflakes to flake8. We fixed this in Travis, then remembered that it had to be fixed in, then just yesterday remembered to update the metabuildbot, too. Ideally all of those would change together.

What I'd suggest is to break out the set of things that get checked in into different files, and build some simple entry points for Travis, metabuildbot, and validation. Things like common/ lint to just run the lint checks or common/ tests to just run the unit tests`.

Finally, travis.yml has a bunch of pip installs of specific versions of libraries and packages like pylint. It would be great to put those in a central location, too -- perhaps common/test_requirements.txt -- so that all of these tools can use the same versions.

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