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replace pep8+pyflakes with flake8

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Looks like flake8 does pep8 checks and pyflakes checks, but in addition allows more tuning of ignored checks.

For example, instead of doing hush_pyflakes:

from buildbot.process.buildrequest import BuildRequest
_hush_pyflakes = [BuildRequest]

with flake8 is possible to ignore warnings from single line using # noqa directive:

from buildbot.process.buildrequest import BuildRequest  # noqa

Even author of pyflakes suggests in README:

If you require more options and more flexibility, you could give a look to Flake8 too.

Right now I stumbled with the issue, that it's not possible to use star import with pyflakes at all (yes, I need exactly star import), and AFAIK there is no way to disable this warning in specific file.

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Is "do only pep8 check" step is required? It's definitely useful, but can we live with only "do pep8+pyflakes" and "ignore" pyflakes output?

Since I rely on ignoring of PEP8 in Slave->Worker Renaming project ( I've done some changes to support flake8 in and in Travis:

However I didn't removed yet PEP8 step and now PEP8 config is duplicated (in common/flake8rc and common/pep8rc).

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First part of the work to resolve this issue:

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