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external sendmail command for mail notifier

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Priority: minor Milestone: 0.9.+
Version: 0.8.10 Keywords: sendmail, notifier


MailNotifier? works via twisted-mail for now, which sometimes leads to trouble. One problem is absence of mail queue in twisted. Restarting buildbot process leads to all queued mail lost. Another problem is TLS/SSL support, which may be very different for all SMTP servers out there. For example, STARTTLS is required by twisted to work over SSL, but many servers offer separate port, awaiting for pure SSL connection to it. Some servers may block authenticated connections over 25 port, so twisted will fail sending email, while reqular mail user agent, such as Outlook will work.

This problems can be addressed by supporting mail delivery via system '/usr/bin/sendmail' command which is a well-known way to send email in unix world. Mail transfer agents like postfix and exim provide compatible /usr/bin/sendmail replacement, allowing local mail be sent with no authorization and delivered based on configuration, maintaining message queues, mail routing and so on. There are some programs like msmtp or ssmtp, able to talk to any smtp server, supporting TLS and authorization of all kinds.

It would be nice to have ability for buildbot's MailNotifier? work with local sendmail command, as it's simple to implement and leads to great flexibility. This also let's to avoid installing additional python ssl modules (which can be triky on older enterprise systems). This also makes error reporting better, as twisted-mail with no ssl claims that server not supporting TLS, which is very confusing for peaple not familiar with pyhon and twisted.

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