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IRC oversubsribes to buildsets, logs too much — at Initial Version

Reported by: dustin Owned by:
Priority: major Milestone: 0.9.+
Version: 0.8.5 Keywords: irc


From Gavin:

18:04 <       gmcdonald+> ..
18:04 <       gmcdonald+> why is my twistd.log full of these:
18:04 <       gmcdonald+> buildmaster@aegis:~/master1$ cat twistd.log | grep
'Buildset <buildbot.status.buildset.BuildSetStatus instance at 0x3838560>
added' | wc -l
18:04 <       gmcdonald+> 7593
18:04 <       gmcdonald+> ..
18:05 <       gmcdonald+> all added at the same time I might add
18:09 <       gmcdonald+> ..
18:09 <       gmcdonald+> buildmaster@aegis:~/master1$ cat twistd.log | grep
'Not notifying for a build in the wrong category' | wc -l
18:09 <       gmcdonald+> 1002
18:09 <       gmcdonald+> ..
18:09 <       gmcdonald+> thats new too
18:10 <       gmcdonald+> ..

it seems that for every one thing done logs are repeated thousands of times, or I can believe the status being set on one builder actually is happening over 7000 times in one second?


Both of these messages come from words.IRC; the first makes me think that it's being "oversubscribed" to build status, so that buildsetSubmitted is being called many times for each new buildset. The latter could be similar, but may also be a reasonable number of ignored buildsets by IRC bots that are not interested in them. So that message should probably just be removed.

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