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Showing objects tagged with 'ec2'

  • #2895 enhancement: Builds take a long time to get started on latent buildslaves (new)
  • #2898 enhancement: EC2 spot instance bidding is too arcane (new)
  • #2900 defect: EC2 spot instances don't work with AMI filters (new)
  • #2902 defect: EC2 spot instances fail on InvalidSpotInstanceRequestID.NotFound? (new)
  • #2903 defect: Tags not set on EC2 spot instances (new)
  • #2935 defect: Buildbot gives up on EC2 spot instance requests before EC2 does (new)
  • #3392 enhancement: [MOSS Project] Better handling of EC2 to avoid cost overruns (new)
  • #3393 enhancement: Shut down EC2 instances after prolonged disconnection from master (assigned)