Bugs specific to the old 0.8.x series; no features please!

0.9.0 will entail (See Nine)

  • new architecture: db, mq, and data apis
    • core modeled on message passing
    • status accessed asynchronously using a single, well-defined api
  • new web UI

Bugs that can't be landed before 0.9.0, statusdb, messaging, etc. is in place.

This milestone represents completion of Buildbot as a framework

  • APIs specified for all customizations (steps, schedulers, etc.)
  • dynamic reconfig as a graceful restart
  • simplified, maybe even non-Python slaves

Bugs to be solved in the very distant future.

Ongoing tasks (no due date)

Futuristic system administration ideas

Work on, and improvements to, the metabuildbot

Get all Buildbot services (except some donated slaves) hosted on Buildbot's own infrastructure, returning to their owners:

  • [DONE]
  • [DONE] ( on EC2)

Miscellaneous system-administration related tickets

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