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    17631763Linux or Solaris builds) should naturally be associated with an
    17641764OS-X-based buildslave.
     1766A @code{Builder} may be given a set of environments variables to be used
     1767in its @pxref{ShellCommand}s.
    17671769@node Users, Build Properties, Builder, Concepts
    17681770@section Users
    48374839@end example
    48394841These variable settings will override any existing ones in the
    4840 buildslave's environment. The exception is PYTHONPATH, which is merged
     4842buildslave's environment or the environment specified in the
     4843Builder. The exception is PYTHONPATH, which is merged
    48414844with (actually prepended to) any existing $PYTHONPATH setting. The
    48424845value is treated as a list of directories to prepend, and a single
    48434846string is treated like a one-item list. For example, to prepend both